[UPDATE] Prominent ex-UK man who murdered his wife (who may have been transgender) starts jail term in Turkey

Julia Collier

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE, see below.] With the amount of trans exploitation going on in the media, particularly by the British press, it is nearly impossible pin down whether or not Julia Collier’s was actually transgender and if she was, did that status actually figured into her death, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter — Chris Collier did murder his wife and a Turkish court convicted him in August for it and now he’s paying for his crime in a Turkish jail. Justice served.

Chris Collier came to fame as part of the British Phones4U empire before moving to Kusadasi, Turkey. As far as I can tell, Julia worked as a singing and piano teacher in Turkey before meeting up with Chris Collier.

[UPDATE: I corrected portions of this report when it was pointed out that Julia may not even have been transgender and the claim(s) she was one may have been a fabrication.]

The press is having a heyday seemingly blaming it on the husband “discovery” that she is transgender. Indeed, research a media watch group raises compelling doubt on the tabloids’ claim Julia is even transgender.

Looking at the facts, the math doesn’t add up. Not even close. Pure typical tabloidism to make a buck at the expense of giving trans people a black eye. In addition to trying to excuse his behavior, the tabloids tried to draw attention to the fact he was going to spend his jail term in a Turkish prison and ought to be serving it in the UK instead.

No pity, he’s right where he deserves to be.

I’m not going to link to any of those tabloids, but for those interested in reading more, check out a thread about this story here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/transmediawatch/permalink/10152133842475361/

In the comments section (below) I’m posting an English translation of a news story that appears to be factual.

(Tip of the hat to everyone at Trans Media Watch FB group!)

Julia Collier, murdered by her husband


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  1. What follows is a Google translation of a piece that appeared in Soke Ekspres in Turkey on 6th August 2012……Some sense can be made, I think, of the crude translation, which makes no mention of matters trans or ‘mail-order brides.’ 08/06/2012…..
    Johnn British real estate agent Christopher Collier, the murder of his wife was sentenced to life imprisonment …

    ENGLISH ESTATE WAS sentenced to life imprisonment on trial for murder of his wife in Kusadasi

    Kusadasi in November 2010 with the claim that the Russian-born wife, Julia Collier Soke Heavy Penal Court on trial for killing British real estate agent living in Kuşdasında Johnn Christopher Collier, the murder of his wife was sentenced to life imprisonment.
    At the end of the 90s to the British settled in Kusadasi Turkey beloved Christopher John Collier (40), hotels, met with Julia, who teaches singing and piano by marrying Apply and then continued to live in Kusadasi.
    Collier in November 2010, police looking for “excessive alcohol consumption have with my wife and discussed. I went out of the house. When I arrived the next morning, my wife Julia Collier (35) ‘s body found “dedi.şeklinde taken into custody as a suspect in the murder were arrested after the discovery of notice. Taking alcohol with a sharp object per shot dead his wife went home put forward a real estate agent in Kusadasi, Soke Heavy Penal Court Collier’s trial was continued.
    Due to the judge during the trial of experiencing the problem of forgetfulness remember anything suggesting Christoper John Collier, once again, accused of a murder suspect last hearing the court, “If you say you killed my wife, decide one before my time.” He said.
    Although the prosecutor’s request for the court to aggravated life, the judge aggravated life, a normal life as a punishment decided. Following the court’s sentence to life imprisonment the defendant British Christoper John Collier, the shock of the decision, while Nazilli then sent off to prison.

    News: NECATİ Maldar

    (Thanks to Honoria Barbary)

  2. Lexie, and what about the Human Trafficing angle? You first reported that Collier bought Julia on the internet. That makes this case even more disgusting!

  3. Lexie,

    For once going to take issue…as per my own deconstruct on this: http://janefae.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/anatomy-of-a-disrespectful-press/

    The issue is not: did he kill his wife because she was trans, but…

    was she even trans?

    And the August 2012 story was one of the reasons for ringing alarm bells.

    Basically, initial reports, both in Turkey and the UK did NOT identify this woman as trans. That changed following a piece in the UK’s Star in 2010, following which the Turkish press picked up the trans angle as well, describing it as a pretty spectacular suggestion.

    Here we are, two years on. UK press reports of the trial are actually just lazy rehashes of what they wrote in 2010, repeating the trans allegation, but with no obvious attempt to check that out in the interim. How so? In 2010, police were investigating whether there was any truth to the claim…and in 2012, they appear still to be investigating that same question.

    Either Turkish police are very slow…or the British press couldn’t be bothered to ask the police what they found out.

    The fact that in August 2012,a Turkish paper does not repeat that allegation is possibly the most significant feature of this whole sorry tale.. You’d think, given that they would be aware of the 2010 allegation, that they would have followed through.

    The bottom line on this story is:

    – we don’t KNOW the victim was trans
    – we don’t KNOW she was an “internet bride”

    and if one or the other of those are true, it is wrong to link the murder directly to either of those assertions, given that the perpetrator would have known this back in 2006 – 4 years before the murder.


  4. all I know is that so many men from Turkey hit on me.

  5. Which is why the contestant with the bowl haircut, pants tucked into riding boots and a pencil mustache did not impress the judges.

  6. I personally knew both Chris & Julia Collier – And I can tell you Julia wasn’t transgender. and Chris was a very aggressive and angry drunk.

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