ACLU appeals judge’s “You can’t change what God gave you” order for transgender name change

Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Sounds familiar? That’s because he’s the same Bible quoting, “DNA-expert” Oklahoma judge I wrote about a few weeks ago.

The American Civil Liberties Union has stepped in appealing Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves’ refusal to allow trans woman Angela Renee Ingram to make her name legal in the state of Oklahoma.

At Ingram’s hearing on Aug 30, Judge Graves told her: “You can’t change what God gave you.”

ACLU of Oklahoma’s Ryan Kiesel: “A person’s name is a fundamental part of their identity, and it is indefensible for a judge to rob someone of their legal right choose their own name.

The ACLU filed the appeal on Sept. 27th. An earlier case which the judge quoted the Bible at length to deny another trans person a name change is already in front of the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.

Graves: “If you’re born male, you stay male, according to the study I’ve done on DNA. If you’re born female, you stay female.”

Read more on Judge Graves’ “DNA studies:

ACLU files appeal of Oklahoma judge’s order denying name change |

Angela Renee Ingram’s name change request interrupted by Bible quoting judge (Photo:

Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves (Photo:


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12 replies

  1. Is it still politically incorrect to use words for people slow of mind? Such words, especially the harshest ones, deserve to be used on this judge’s incompetant ass.

    • Thing is, it’s not a question of intelligence- this Judge presumably got through college. It’s about people being too closed minded, too bigoted, and too proud of their ignorance to do the right thing. THOSE are nasty traits.

  2. maybe it is beyond my perception, what does God have antything to do with a person’s name??? I alweays thought that the parents named the child, not GOD

  3. I don’t really understand law, less American law, but will this judge be over-ruled on appeal? I mean the law presumably allows for name changes so this judge is just using his role as a kinda personal blog like “Fuck the law: here’s what I think.” What kind of f**king legal system is that???

  4. The question how much will it cost her to have ajudge who understands the law review and overturn the lower court’s ruling and why can’t she sue the POS to recoup those costs or maybe even the church he attends for misinforming his legal opinion. There should be a tangible cost for judiciary who violate civil rights with their bigoted rulings.

  5. He’s a Judge alright… unfortunately he took off the blind-fold… he sees with his clouded interpretation of how he thinks things should be… so sad.

  6. Has Judge Graves ever read the Bill of Rights? Using the bible in a legal decision is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment in our Bill of Rights. Graves needs to be removed from the bench. Such an extreme ideologue has no business being a dogcatcher let alone a judge.

  7. This judge has an elected position. He can be booted out of office.

  8. He should be removed from his bench, period!


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