New Hampshire transgender third grader to pee in peace

Nashua School Superintendent Mark Conrad (Photo: Nashua Telegraph)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — It’s settled. The battle between the parents of a transgender third grader and the Nashua, NH school district over the child’s clothes and restroom use at school has ended with an agreement between the two parties. Reportedly, the agreement allows the child to dress as she chooses and she can use the girl’s restroom.

Neither party has yet to comment on the specifics of the agreement.

Janson Wu, the family’s attorney: “I think that as the environments become more and more welcoming to transgender and gender variant youth, we’re going to see a lot more students coming out. And that’s something that schools and parents will need to be prepared to deal with.  Children often have difficulty having schools respect them for who they believe they are.”

Nashua School Superintendent Mark Conrad: “We don’t have a specific policy on transgender students, but we do have policies in place that prevent discrimination against students and bullying, and we regularly review those policies.”
While this is a good outcome for the child, I do wonder if future trans students of this school district have to make an “agreement” before they can dress or use the restroom of the gender they present in? Never mind the cost for attorneys, but I don’t feel the school should have a default policy to make case-by-case decisions.  I believe a clear trans policy is in order. Supt. Conrad, how about it?

Nashua School Superintendent Mark Conrad — comes to agreement with trans child (Photo: Nashua Telegraph)


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  1. This is a step in the right direction. While I agree that each student should not have to make an agreement with the District, I applaud Superintendent Mark Conrad for his acceptance and willingness to address trans students well-being.


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