[UPDATE] After death threats from police in home country, trans woman seeks refugee in Denmark

From the Facebook page “Save Fernanda Milan”

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE: See below.] There is no question that trans people in many countries around the world face violence, torture and death — even from the police. In my opinion, requests for asylum to live in a more civilized country should be automatic — especially if they face death upon deportation back to their homeland. Such is the story of transgender Guatemalan woman Fernandina Milan who is now in Denmark hoping her asylum application is approved.

Milan left Guatemala after a police officer held a gun to her head threatening to kill her if she didn’t stop her advocacy work. While it is not clear how she ended up in Denmark, but the organization LGBT-Denmark  is providing the Danish asylum panel with evidence of the circumstances in Guatemala. Milan says she fears torture and death if she was to return.

This is pretty much all we know. A search for more English-language information on this story came up with nothing. Here’s hoping the panel makes the right decision.

Sadly though, Milan isn’t the only trans person in Guatemala. Likely there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, who will have to continue to live under the dire circumstances there as Milan described — some to be tortured and killed. The big transgender story isn’t the one going on in Denmark, but rather, the ones occurring in backward countries around the world.

Denmark to reconsider transgender refugee – UPI.com.


UPDATE: Sept. 21, 2012 – I found a Facebook page about Milan (thanks to Johanna Marseille): https://www.facebook.com/savefernandamilan.fernanda.1


UPDATE: Sept. 25, 2012 -Danish asylum panel to reopen Milan case: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/asylum-panel-in-denmark-apparently-reopens-trans-woman-seeking-refugee-case/

(Photo: Facebook/Ramona Macho)

Fearing the police — a fact of life for many trans people around the world


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11 replies

  1. I hope they do give her asylum. It’s hard enough be trans, but to have death in your face constantly is just cruel and unusual punishment for the crime of living a life as yourself. 😦

  2. Actually, Lexie – Ferdinanda was due to be sent back to Guatemala Sept. 17th. Denmark does not have gender identity as a protected group for asylum. All appeals on her behalf to date were fruitless. I have not heard anything since the 17th so I do not know if the deportation was stopped at the 11th hour. More info is available from; trans-info-europe@lists.tgeu.org. I’ve been following the case all month, but as I said the updates have stopped coming.

  3. Next date for sending her back to Guatemala is the 24:th sept. But there are people working on stopping this..

  4. This breaks my heart to know this woman is going throught this. ill deff keep her in my prayers and hopes she stays safe. i am a female but identify myself as genderfluid. goodluck. 🙂


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