Where to pee? New app for transgender people

The daily dilemma

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Where’s the nearest bathroom we can safely use? That’s THE question we’d like to ask nearly every day when we’re out and about, but we just mumble in silence instead and look for the lessor of the many evils out there. Now there’s an app for finding a gender neutral, safe and trans friendly place to pee.

Disclaimer: I’ve not tried the app and cannot comment on how well it works and/or if the data shown is accurate.

A well developed trans-friendly public bathroom locator app would not only be a handy, stress-relieving tool, but it could potentially be a necessary application to have at all times to remain safe.

It’s called TransSquat and is available from Apple. I’m not sure if there is a Android version. It supposedly utilizes the Safe2Pee database of over 4,000 locations — it’s community driven so users can add to the directory. The closest bathroom to you is found via GPS.

Developer Billy Bolt created the project to help fund his SRS. Bolt has a Facebook page and can be contact there:


New App For The Transgender Community | Passport Magazine News.

I do not know Mr. Bolt personally nor do I have anything to do with his app.

Screenshot of the TranSquat app (Photo: facebook/transquat)


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3 replies

  1. There currently is not an Android version.

  2. And iOS just crashed the Google Map, which lead to it being buggy. Thank god I didn’t need it in my early stages of transition, Germany and Switzerland am not as extreme.

    Sadly there were only three contributers to the original project?


  1. Why is it “despicable” to charge $2.99 for a transgender-friendly phone app? « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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