No, Sabrina, she is NOT ‘still a boy!’

Trans woman Norma Bellhorn files a claim with Washington State HRC (Photo: KGW-TV)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — With the cameras rolling and a TV reporter holding a microphone, rational people keep their mouth shut instead of spilling their ignorance for all to witness. But Vancouver, Washington, bartender Sabrina Brenneise was quick to share to the world that when she doesn’t know the facts, she’ll just make something up.

No, Sabrina, when a trans woman presents as a woman, especially if she’s on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), she’s NOT ‘still a boy”.

This all stemmed from trans woman Norma Bellhorn being denied access to the women’s room at the bar where Sabrina barkeeps. “Legends Food and Fun” is the name of the place and it is located in the Hazel Dell area of Vancouver, Washington. Bellhorn, who is on HRT, is ahead of the curve here though, she has already filed a discrimination claim with the Washington State Human Rights Commission.

While Sabrina Brenneise claims to have ‘no problems’ with Bellhorn being transgender, she also said this: “It’s the fact that she’s still a boy and she wants to go in the woman’s restroom . . .” Never mind the contradiction here, I want to know if she does a pants check with all customers using the women’s room to make sure none of those ‘still a boys’ sneak in.

Stay tuned.

[Trigger warning] Transgender customer denied restroom access | Washington – Oregon – Idaho.

Legends bartender Sabrina Brenneise says trans woman customer ‘still a boy!’ (Photo: KGW-TV)


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6 replies

  1. Yet another example of lack of education when it comes to issue of trans and how to refer to the customer, it is about the lack of sensitivity training in the work place. Venues that offer customer service should be mandated to provide proof of such training has occurred, I know, a pipe dream….

  2. Lawsuits help get the training on track!

  3. At the same time as the pissed off owner hikes prices to pay for the lawsuit, when a $500 1 hour training session would have been better… Idiots should not own bars…

  4. it might help if she didnt turn into a belligerent asshole when she was drunk…

  5. perhaps Sabrina needs to be hit with a lawsuit to the terms of paying $4,000 a month to Norma for the rest of her life which will remind Sabrina of her stupidity.

  6. I wonder if she would make a transgender man use the woman’s bathroom?

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