Mayor on transgender rights bill: ‘sex perverts will invade women’s showers’

Maplewood Mayor Jim White

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Fear and hysterics. This is what Maplewood, Missouri, Mayor Jim White used to mark his opposition to a trans and LGBT anti-discrimination bill being considered during a city council meeting.

White said: “Under this ordinance you can have a male by birth, he could be a convicted sexual pervert, he could, under this ordinance as written, go into the women’s bath area at the pool and simply by saying, ‘I feel like I’m a woman today…’

If anyone tried to move this individual out of the women’s bathroom, out of the shower stall, as he goes by opening all the curtains, saying he was looking for something open. If one of our residents…push this person out of this…bathroom, under this ordinance they could be convicted of a hate crime.”

White said this after reading a legal opinion from the city attorney. When asked by the news media for a copy of the attorney’s report, White said: “I have talked with the City Manager and he indicated we will not release this document based on Client and Attorney confidentiality.”

Of course.

Hysterics aside, White failed to stop the bill. It has now passed two readings and the final reading will occur soon.

I do wonder though what the mayor plans to do about actual sex perverts — the ones that prey on little boys and girls — in our parks, schools and malls — the ones that make the headlines every day and fill our prisons.

(Tip of the hat to Robyn Carolyn Montague)

Maplewood, Missouri Mayor Jim White (Photo:


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  1. Lexie, This is a local suburb to me. I know several people from PROMO Missouri that worked hard on getting the bill through. A proud achievement for local advocates. The mayor is obviously outvoted and looking for shock value. (must be Rep.)

  2. I think ignorance is the biggest problem here.

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