Deeply conservative South Korean population forces cancellation of transgender-themed TV show

Trans-themed South Korean TV show cancelled

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Opponents of the show ran almost hysterical-like ads attacking the program: ‘children will blindly follow in the steps of transgenders’.

While there is no way to know if the cancelled talk show “XY That Girl” was compelling television or mere exploitation, what I have learned is the South Korean people are largely social conservatives yielding enough clout to force the TV station, KBS Joy, to quickly yank the show.

It was thought that acceptance had finally gained a foothold in this country where LGBT people were long considered a ‘foreign phenomenon’, but it apparently is still not the case. Very few openly LGBT South Korean celebrities exist — and their lives are marred by blacklisting and other forms of oppression.  Transgender and LGBT people living there live mostly underground — something that harks back to the ’50s in the United States.

This is all a bit surprising to me, and I’m going to think twice now before I buy another Samsung TV. Maybe scratch Kia and Hyundai off the list too.

KBS cable television cancels transgender show after protests.

As you talk on your Samsung phone or watch TV on your Samsung set, remember that South Korean trans people are being oppressed.


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