Female impersonator sues jail for housing him with females

Carla Brenner (Photo: WTVF-TV)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Just when you think you’ve seen it all, out comes this.

Carla Brenner, who says he is a man, was apparently was wearing female clothing in court when he plead guilty to thief and was then taken to jail. Brenner claims he told the jailers he was a male, but they housed him with females anyway.

Brenner is suing Metro Nashville (TN) for $20 million for violating his constitutional rights.

Brenner: “I was born male, and I’m still male. I have no intentions of being a female. I’m a female impersonator. I’m an entertainer. I do drag shows. . . .

I was strip searched completely naked with the women. I was showered with the women. I was sexually assaulted on two separate occasions in the shower by women.”

Brenner’s attorney James Roberts: “Metro pretty much told her if she told anybody she was really a male that they were going to lock her up in what they call the hole, which is solitary confinement, that they would punish her if she revealed her true identity”.

Metro Nashville said they were unable to comment specifically on the Brenner matter. News reports says Brenner also uses the name Lamonda Fuller.


Whoa, this thing opens a can of worms. It’s too early to think of what this could lead to. Stay tuned.

Transgender Person Files $20M Lawsuit Against Metro Jail – NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather & Sports.

Carla Brenner (Photo: WTVF-TV)


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7 replies

  1. This is indeed troubling but seeing a silver lining I hope the CCA Using a defense that jailing with women was appropriate bet he was assumed homosexual and therefor jailed i the proper place. This would bring up the assumption up in the suit and have that issue litigated. Something to speculate about.

  2. Wait? This makes no sense! This is self defeatingly stupid.

  3. This could create a problem with transwomen. If HE wins, the police may start placing transsexual women with the men. I think the judge and police did the right thing. He should not have been publicly wearing women’s clothing when committing a crime. I think it is suitable punishment.

  4. This is not a transgender individual, this is a transvestite, if you look up the definitions this is a person who dresses for entertainment, transgender individuals dress because it is their life!

    • Thanks for your comment. He’s covered under the transgender umbrella, so while in drag, he has the same legal rights as other transgender people. Likewise, if he’s a victim of violence because of what he was wearing, it would be a hate crime.

  5. UMMM…does anyone else find it curious that “Carla” insists that he is male and yet his lawyer repeatedly refers to him in the feminine???

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