(UPDATE: Lindsay passes away) Artist who drew covers for “The Phantom” comic books is now openly transgender

lindsay-walker-2LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — UPDATE Oct. 3, 2016: Lindsay Walker takes her life. From the artists publication Chronicle Chamber:

“ChronicleChamber has confirmed with a family friend that, after a difficult period in her personal life, Lindsay tragically ended her own life on 27th September. . . .

Lindsay is survived by her partner Kim and three children Ariel, Heloise and Evelyn.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Puggdogg

If new information develops, I will update this article.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE: First it was musician Laura Jane Grace in the Spring, followed by film director Lana Wachowski’s debut this Summer. Now Australia’s Lindsay Walker, an artist who has previously drawn a number of covers for The Phantom comic book series, has recently made her transition to female official.

While Walker may not be as famous as Grace and Wachowski, the comic book phenomena is nothing to sneeze at. Like her trans peers elsewhere in the art world, Walker becomes a role model for trans people following comic books in general and The Phantom in particular. In addition, the knowledge of a trans artist in the business  helps “normalizes” the presence of trans people.

Thumbs up to Lindsay Walker, another trans role model.

For those following The Phantom, this interview with Walker may be of interest to you:  Wear It Purple – An Interview With Artist Lindsay Walker » ChronicleChamber.

Walker work as a professional illustrator and more about her work can be found here: http://puggdogg.deviantart.com/

[UPDATE 9-13-12, fixed “clunky” headline!]


My previous story on Laura Jane Grace: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/against-me-transiting-frontman-follows-well-worn-transgender-path/

Lana Wachowsk: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/08/01/transgender-the-matrix-director-debuts-by-saying-hi-im-lana-in-a-movie-trailer-for-new-tom-hanks-film/



Live long and prosper, yes indeedy. (Photo: diviantart.com)



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  1. Lana’s story hit home when I first read it 4 days ago. It is so true and I identify with her story.

  2. OMG I love the phantom! As a fellow Trans-woman and having learned to read with this series I’m a very happy geekette! You go girl! I have to get a photo with Lindsay sometime!

  3. I’m a mini celebrity lately. Very cool. Thanks for the article but I have done quite a bit more than just Phantom covers. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Lindsay! Feel free to post about other work you’ve done. It’s okay to blow your horn here. Good luck to you.

      • Thanks Lexie.

        Published work includes The Phantom, Voltron, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Kolchak the Night Stalker/Sherlock Holmes and Zombies Vs Cheerleaders. I’ve worked on a lot of sketch trading cards too. I recently had my own comic published and have since worked on some other small comic book projects with other people. I’m currently working on a comic with Devin Grayson for Womanthology: Space. I have several personal graphic novel projects I’m developing and soon I’ll be working with a small game developer called Twiitch.

  4. How do you ‘become’ transgender?? It’s not like it is a disease that you catch or something. I have always thought that I was just born this way.

  5. Lindsay, I love the work you have done in the comics industry! You make me proud to be trans! 😀

  6. Lexie, I love your articles and thank you for being a voice for trans people rights. Teresa, you are still a transsexual woman. Sex reasignment surgery, like face feminization surgery or breast implants doesn’t turn a transsexual woman into a “just” woman, which means a genetic / biological woman. Albeit it is very important and useful to approximate our mind to our desired body, surgeries cannot change sex, SRS included, because it cannot change genetics, and sex is genetics, as our chromosomes. A male-assigned at birth person may be a trans woman, gender identity is real, is actual, but she always will be a TRANS woman, no matter surgeries she undergoes because she wasn’t born female. I am myself a trans woman. Teresa don’t be ashamed of being a transsexual woman. Would you hide your trans status from a possible lover (a boyfriend or girlfriend)?

  7. Isabelle, my birth certificate says female. It doesn’t say trans on it anywhere. I am a woman – nothing more and nothing less. As for my medical status, of course I’d tell my girlfriend about my medical information.

  8. Nowhere in the article you read “become transgender”, Lexie wrote the title correctly when it reads “…is now OPENLY transgender” which it means Lindsay Walker has all her life being transgender but now she is out of the closet.


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