Catching up with Wipe Out Transphobia

Emma Bailey, founder of Wipe Out Transphobia

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — With almost 24,000 “likes” for the Wipe Out Transphobia’s (WOT) Facebook page, probably half of you are already regular readers of its contents and its corresponding website.

Spawned from ideas from her friends, Emma Bailey started WOT as a Facebook page to help ‘overcome some of the inequalities trans people face’. From there, it took off in popularity and a website soon followed. Indeed, the social media contents appears fresh and updated — a key to success for any social media/webpage.  Bailey says she has an admin team in place to ensure it remains that way.

Her ultimate goal is to be able to educate governments, educators, law enforcement personnel and health care administrators on an international level.

While the FB page is familiar to me, I took a look at the website. While it is somewhat of a work-in-progress, two things stood out that really impressed me:

First was the Myth Buster — ‘is our way of setting straight the record in relation to trans people and the myths that are regularly perpetuated about them’ Myth Buster – Wipe Out Transphobia. Impressive! A good place to send misguided cis people.

Second was the “I am what I am” photo campaign. A really great idea to get the community’s partipication in their future.

I liked the site so much I decided to add it to my own “recommended organizations” list! WOT is extremely worthy of checking out if you haven’t already done so.

Wipe Out Transphobia’s cool ‘I am what I am” photo campaign


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3 replies

  1. Well, I looked hopefully at that site, but on my point of view, this site is not so helpful.

    It supports terms and transphobic points of view like calling people “gender identity disorded” and so on, tolerance for intolerance is nothing I can support, cuz not making a clear statement against the pathologization and stigmatization of people with labels like that (the label “trans” for people who are nothing else than wrong assigned people/people who are foreign determinated cuz of bodyfashistic manners/points of view, is also stupid for me btw,) is the opposite of myth-busting and emancipation.

    Sometimes I think, it would be better, if people still woulnd´t know anything about people they´d call “trans” or “tranny´s” instead of only the non so harming things and some euphemistic lies and prejudicestuff and also in that case.

  2. @Zara Paz

    Thanks for your comment regarding our website.

    While we obviously understand that the wording \’Gender Identity Disorder\’, creates a specific problem in that people quite wrongly then assume that being trans is a mental illness in itself, we go to huge lengths to ensure that not only do we explain that being trans has nothing to do with any mental illnesses, but we also make reference to other terms, like Gender Dysphoria so that people can make the transition themselves with regard to terminology.

    If you would care to take a look at our extensive social network, you would see that we campaign constantly against the common notion that being trans is in any way related to being mentally ill and that in fact this is a medical condition, needing medical intervention and treatment.

    You also need to understand that while terminology clearly comes in and out of use quite regularly, the care standards by which medical professionals base care pathways and the treatment of people with Gender Dysphoria, namely WPATH, still use the term GiD. This is not to mention the different countries across the world, who have or have not discontinued the used of this term.

    Rightly or wrongly, we\’re simply keeping in line so that our website has the effect of being understood, rather than causing confusion in the first instance with the myriad of jargon related phrases that surround trans people.

    Perhaps if individuals would contribute to projects like ours to ensure it\’s constantly accurate, instead of reading a small section and condemning it all, we\’d be in a much better place as a community.

    Again, thanks for the input.

    Emma @ Wipe Out Transphobia.

    • Emma said: “Rightly or wrongly, we\’re simply keeping in line so that our website has the effect of being understood, rather than causing confusion in the first instance with the myriad of jargon related phrases that surround trans people.”

      Bingo! That is what I aim for in my writings — I just want the material to be understood!

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