Thugs tries to “tax” sex workers at trans brothel; fails, robs them instead — $1M warrant issued

$1 million warrant issued for the arrest of Cesar Valle

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that trans people represent a very vulnerable segment of the population. Fortunately a witness helped the police capture two of them — both Santa Ana, California gang members — back in 2010 when the robbery occurred.

Police said Cesar Valle, Christian F. Cabrera and an unidentified third person came by an apartment that was a front for a brothel and demanded the sex workers pay a “tax” of $60 each and said: “If you don’t pay … we will come back and kill you.”

They returned that evening and robbed them “home invasion” style, assaulting one of the sex workers in the process.  The police responded to the robbery and found seven trans women in the apartment, all appearing frightened, some crying. It was at that time they admitted to being sex workers.

Several days later while the police were doing a follow-up investigation at the apartment, a witness spotted Valle and Cabrera’s car driving by and they were apprehended and arrested.

Cabrera was sentenced to 5 years in jail while Valle failed to show for his trial last Monday after being released earlier on a $100,000 bond. The judge then immediately ordered a $1 million warrant for Cesar Valle’s arrest.

Any one spotting Cesar Valle should contact the Santa Ana police.

Thumbs up to the police, DA and judge for cracking down hard on these thugs.

[Trigger warning!] Gang member sought in robbery at transgender brothel | valle, p – News – The Orange County Register.

$1 million warrant issued for the arrest of Cesar Valle


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