Trans man in jail with felony conviction for “forging” his gender on marriage license

Trans man sentenced to a year in jail for “forging” gender on marriage license

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Just bits and pieces here — it does appear trans man Levi Gammons has been in prison for nearly a year on this felony conviction. Apparently his troubles started shortly after the end of his marriage in Virginia.

While a report states Gammons completed his transition before the marriage, yet somehow he was convicted for forging an “M” on the Virginia state marriage license. A blog report states that his ex-wife claimed she did not know he was trans.

Clearly there is a big piece of the puzzle missing here, but I’m finding no news reports that fills in this blank. It’s difficult to believe one would get a year in jail for gender data entered on a marriage license, false or otherwise. If this is the whole story, then this has been a huge miscarriage of justice.

Either way, Gammons is due to be released soon and his Facebook friends are trying to ease his way back into society. Whether or not you want to help is your decision. More about that here:

I do wish there was more details on why he got such a harsh sentence. Anyone with information can post it below.

Earlier information here, a bit skimpy though:

Trans man sentenced to a year in jail for “forging” gender on marriage license


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