Dominos continue to fall: FAA dumps transgender pilot psychological exam policy

Sarah Weston, 767 Captain

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — With the numerous recent legal rulings and policy changes humanizing transgender individuals, we’re setting a tremendous precedent to rid the books of  trans-discriminatory policies and rules at all levels of the government.

These rules and policies were initially put in place based on a fallacy that ‘anyone wanting a sex change had mental issues.’

While the federal level has been the most active, many states and local jurisdictions have also removed trans-only hurdles.

The latest is the Federal Aviation Administration. They’ve pulled back on the psychological exams transgender pilots were previously required to undergo for certification and  re-certification.

The policy change is likely most welcome by long-term transgender pilots, including commercial pilots, who must renew their medical certificate every two years.

This decision comes on the heels of the Employment Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruling that transgender people have employment discrimination protection and the Department of Health and Human Services’ housing discrimination protection.


Previous domino:

American Airlines Capt. Sarah Weston — pioneer transgender pilot


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  1. The rule was mostly in place because of the increased rates of depression and suicide among transsexuals. (not that i agree with it as a pilot)

  2. All trans aerospace people please like my public page, Transgender Aerospace Professionals and Supporters Worldwide, for advocacy and join the secret discussion group under the same name. We’re organizing and getting us together. Strength in numbers. I’m an FTM Part 121 Captain.

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