State investigates bar after owner tells transgender patrons not to return

Trans woman Victoria Nolan told not to come back (Photo: KATU)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Did a supposedly LGBT-friendly bar really kick out their regular transgender patrons? It took a while for all the details to come out, but now after putting the pieces together, I think the bar owner, perhaps somewhat ignorant of the law, simply stepped over the line.

Christopher Penner, the owner of Portland, Oregon’s P Club, allegedly left voicemail messages for a transgender patron asking that her regular group of trans people not to come in on Friday nights anymore. Here’s a transcript of one of the voicemail messages:

“I’ve done some investigating why my sales are declining and there’s two things I keep hearing: People think that a) we’re a tranny bar or b) we’re a gay bar. We are neither. People are not coming in because they just don’t want to be there on a Friday night now.”

A KATU television reporter who previously talked with Penner, listened to the recording and stated on the air that it sounds just like Penner.

In response to media inquiries, Penner says the club doesn’t discriminate, and that half of the staff was gay or lesbian.

In response to an inquiry by Willamette Week, Penner said this: We don’t discriminate for anything other than if they cause business to go down. But that’s for anything.”

Now that is telling,  “. . . for anything other than if they cause business to go down. . . .”, because doing just that would be against the law.

After Penner made that statement, his lawyer told him to stop speaking to the press.

KATU’s report states the person on the voicemail identified himself as “Chris”. The TV station also identified two of the transgender patrons: Cassandra Lynn and Victoria Nolan, with the former being the one who filed the complaint.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries began its investigation into the matter on Wednesday. Oregon state law bans discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity.

You can view the complaint here: The P Club Faces State Investigation Over Alleged Discrimination Against Gays and Trannsexual Patrons.

P Club owner Chris Penner (Photo: KATU)


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13 replies

  1. That’s quite telling… he has gay and lesbian employees…he says one of the reasons his business is declining is because people think it’s a gay bar, yet he doesn’t ban gays and lesbians…and somehow that’s okay to him…?

    Yes, Mr Bigot… you’re lawyer was right. You should sop speaking to the press…about any subject, IMHO…

    Thank you again, Lexie, for keeping us updated on the lunacy that we call “society”.


  2. sue the piss out of him and his bar!!! Thats flat out discrimination and the idot even left a message!!! haha So sorry you girls are going through that!!!! Its just wrong!!! and people are ignorant!!! xo ❤

  3. I would love to have the money to purchase a bar, post a huge sign and take out local newpaper advertising, announcing that this is a gay, lesbian and transgendered friendly bar, all the rest of you clowns, opps sorry that what you call us, are welcome to enter to have the shit kicked out of you, your car distroyed and your family safety threatened, so welcome, if your afraid, that is great !! welcome to my bar

  4. The bar owner looks like John Ritter; is he back from the dead and now a bigot?

  5. It is sad that any business can think it can ban a group of Transgender people just because of how they look or how others may think of them. Our group did nothing wrong and supported his business for two years and spend lots of money there only to be asked not to return. Thanks for posting.

  6. I know for a while the tri-ess group (lol straight cds) were persona non grata at a few lgbt venues here in denver. But unofficially. I didnt want them around much either.

    • Why? Was their behavior putting you off, or was there any palpable reason?

      • well, my thought was with tri-ess here in Denver, that the acceptance the transgender community IS STARTING to enjoy has EVERYTHING to do with the gay community opening that very door. And the gay community knows that. its awesome that ppl who xdress are out trying to express an important part of their identities without identifying themselves as ‘trans’ (which i dont really understand), but to identify as ‘straight’ and NOT trans (like they do) — and wanting to ‘pinch off’ the gay community at their venues – well, i never agree with that myself. Did I answer that well enough? (maybe not quite caffeinated yet).

  7. [note for lemon. wp seems to have some issues there. I deleted it, so lets see if that works!]


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