South African trans woman, gay man found dead in same area – hate crime feared

Vuyisa Dayisi, aka “Norizana”

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Neighbors discovered the body of Vuyisa Dayisi, aka “Norizana”, a trans woman living in Duncan Village, South Africa, the morning after they heard a struggle the previous night. They mistook the noise for a racket from a strong windstorm.

Dayisi was found with her pants down, genitals exposed and signs of molestation. Other surface wounds were reported by witnesses. Some personal belongings were found some distance away from the body. She reportedly left a tavern very late that previous night but was well-known to everyone.

Two days later, a gay man, Thembile, was found shot in the head near where Dayisis was found. He still had his wallet and cellphone.

The police have confirmed both killings and are investigating the incidents, however, there is very little additional information available at this writing, now some three weeks after the first body was found.

Reports say Dayisi was highly regarded by her friends. People at her funeral spoke of her kindness and generosity and her participation in advocacy for minorities. With the discovery of the second body however, people fear the deaths were hate crimes.

[Trigger Warning] Neighbours hear only wind as DV man dies.

Vuyisa Dayisi, aka “Norizana”


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  1. So much for the “New South Africa” being accepting. *sigh*

  2. Horrible! One more for TDOR. Thank you, though, for posting Lexie. We must stay aware of the dangers to us just because of who we are. However, we must stay visible and vigilant and cry out for justice when these attacks occur. We have a right to be here and to be proud of how we got here!

  3. If he had male genitals and no plans for surgery, then he was a man. Transsexuals cannot help their birth defect, but transgenderism is an unnecessary choice that inspires some bigots to commit violence. If I had the chosen lifestyle of transgenderism, I would give it up because I love myself and my bdoy too much to waste it living a lie and pretending I am what I am not and provoking others to commit violence. So my respect only goes to women born with the birth defect of transsexualism, not men who practice the chosen lifestyle of recreational transgenderism. I think it is funny when people cut the genitals off of non-op TGs who pretend to be TSs and women. It is those men who set actual TSs up for violence, turn others against them, trivialize them, and steal our rights to live fully as mainstream, non-LGBT, non-TG, cisgendered female women.

    • In the first place, it is not a choice. Secondly, nobody should be subject to violence regardless of gender identity. As for rights, EVERYBODY has rights, not just non-LGBT, non-TG, cis gendered females.

      One wonders how you are going to determine which people to “respect”? Are you going to do a pants check to see if they meet your criteria? Do I need to check YOUR pants to see if you’re an actual cis female?

      • Actually TGism is a choice, TSism as I have is a birth defect. You are born a TS but healthy men choose to be TG. Every nonop TG man in drag loves HIS penis. Every TS woman was supposed to be born with a vagina, but every “MtF” TG man was correctly born with his penis and has no right to pervert himself by pretending to be a woman. The male-born TGs obsession about keeping his penis proves there is a man living inside, albeit a self-hating man. Nonop TGs are why preop TSs and postop TSs keep losing rights. Unlike the complete transition of a TS, the partial transition of TGs serves no choice.

        If you are a woman with a birth defect, you are a TS, a subset of the general, non-queer public. If you are a man choosing to dress or live as a woman, you are a type of male queer called a transgender. Male-born TGs LOVE abusing TS women and lying and saying they are TS’s when they are not, but are out practicing perversion and acts of self-hate.

        As for respect, I show respect to all. But for the type of respect, I can tell TSs (the ones who were meant to be cisgendered) from TGs (queer pretenders) by how they carry themselves. If they have the nature of a crossdressed man who has a penis he wants to keep (the desire to keep the penis ALWAYS causes someone to act masculine since both are a function of male ego), I respect him as any other man and call him the male pronouns he deserves, no matter how much it makes him cringe or react with violence and anti-cis bigotry. And if the person acts like a TS woman, I will respect her as any other woman. TS women and others intended to be cisgendered women can always tell who the real women (TS or genetic) are and can spot the fake “women” (TGs) a mile away. I’ve been around TGs and TSs, and while I feel no sexual energy coming off of TSs, there is often then foul sensation emanating from TGs that makes women uncomfortable, and some women say it feels like they want to rape them. Yes, TGs are more likely than TSs to do that too, and a nonop TG was convicted of molesting 3 foster kids, while I have yet to read of TS’s raping or molesting anyone.

        See, you confuse the issue as being the crotch. It is not. There is a huge difference between a preop TS and a TG (almost always nonop except when they con doctors to mutilate them with the TS-only surgery). While both have male parts, the TS was never supposed to have it and hates it, and has the complete nature of a woman. The TG was supposed to have his and he loves using it while dressing in drag. The issue is the nature. Desiring to keep a penis is trait always found in those who act like men. I met one of these non-op types who insisted he was a transsexual, and he was quite homophobic and racist. Someone called him a man on the phone, and he called her an anti gay male slur and a racial slur (a word starting with F and a word starting with N).

        As for the story, if they are getting surgery, the correct term is TS (and if they had it, they are simply a woman and no longer a TS and never a TG). TSs have the need to assimilate, while TGs lack that need. The traitor TSs like supporting TG/LGBT causes and being out, and they damage things for the TSs who have the strongest need to assimilate.

  4. If Dayisi had a penis, wanted to keep it, and used it to have sex, then he was a MAN. There is not a woman alive, true-transsexual or otherwise who wants to have a penis permanently attached to her body. The inborn desire to keep, obtain, or have a penis permanenly attached is part of being a man. Every TS who gets surgery has already had her feminine inner identity and being since before birth. Every TG “MtF” is a man who lives as a woman wrongly in defiance of his masculine nature. So was this a TS woman or a TG man (“trans’woman'”)?

  5. I believe you have a preoccupation with penises. Besides the fact that many can’t afford SRS, your logic requires pants check, and that would include an inspection of yours to make sure you are indeed a cis woman.

    • No. what matters to me is the underlying drives. If you have the desire to keep your penis (and the invariable male behavior and desire to control that comes with it), you were never a TS woman, and not a woman of any type, but a self-hating man who is defrauding the public. It should be illegal for a person born with male parts to dress as a woman in public without eventual surgery. TS women have MANY more rights in Iran than here since nonop transgenderism is illegal, as is sodomy and public LGBT meetings. Assimilationist TSs have many more rights and more respect in places where TGism and gayness are outlawed. For the TS woman, she REQUIRES non-LGBT acceptance and assimilation, but TGs rob us of it.

      So a male-born dressed as a woman should only have rights if they HATE their penis and want it gone (including those who can never afford surgery and who feel suicidal everyday until it is gone or they stop breathing). If they have any desire to keep it or they use it while preop, they don’t deserve any rights until they live as the men they are. When a TS woman is living as a woman, she HAS TO and gets NO sexual pleasure out of it, and she invariably HATES having a penis. When a TG MAN in DRAG lives as a woman, he is lying to himself and the world, he gets a sexual charge out of having a dress on and fooling people, and he is committing a perverted act by dressing/living as a “woman,” and he usually does so with the goal of committing other immoral acts.

      In short, the less men who CHOOSE to become TGs, the MORE rights that those born with the BIRTH CONDITION of the opposite parts has.

  6. So was that a TS woman who got killed (and you or the media lying and libeling her as a TG or freak and stealing her cis-ness), or an actual “trans[gender]-woman” type of man? I reserve female pronouns for MtF TSs and other cisgender women (TSs are cisgender too because they were never supposed to have a penis and are conforming to their true gender).

    The whole point of transition is to destroy any difference, not to create it. So if a person refuses to complete transition (it is not complete without HRT and surgery), then he should not be allowed to start to begin with. TS women had more rights back when crossdressing was illegal. Those who were diagnosed as TSs (and were heterosexual as women and capable and willing of conforming to accepted female behavior) were given prescriptions to live as women, and they could show that to any police who bothered them. I’ve done a lot to help TS women in my town, and it ways that don’t specifically benefit TGs. Once you prove that TSs are not TGs, not LGBT in any way, and are simply correcting a birth defect which has no element of choice or self-infliction, people tend to respect them, and it doesn’t require that they change their religious or political views, and they can support TSs without violating their morals and enabling TGs and other LGBTs. TSs are more likely to be Conservative and Christian than TGs (who tend to be left-wing, pro-LGBT, and pagan/Wicca/atheist).

    We also need a separate TS Day of Remembrance for actual TSs who were truly martyrs and who played no hand with bad choices. A good number of those on Smith’s list are male sex workers. It is wrong for any MtF TS to have sex with men while preop, and that is asking for trouble, and male-born TGs love their male parts and thus have to fool men into having sex with them, since they will never obtain the correct parts. Others on her list were drunk, snorting lines of cocaine, frequenting gay bars, being out at 3 AM, etc. To be clear, nobody should be killed for doing such stupid, irresponsible things. But they are not martyrs. They were not killed for being TGs, but for tricking straight men into having sex with them, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, for using substances, etc. Many cisgendered women get killed in most of the same situations, so nothing TG-specific there. The list would be more beneficial if only the ones where hate was clearly a motive were listed. So maybe we need a TS-specific list for actual TSs who didn’t contribute to their own demise and who either planned on surgery or had it.

    Speaking of lists, there is Conway’s list of successful TSs (no nonops are on it), but that list has several problems. The FtM TS men are under-represented, African-American TS’s are underrepresented (there was only 1 the last time I looked), and a good majority are show-girls and models, which would be like listing mostly minstrel singers as “successful African-Americans,” or listing mostly bankers and television producers as “successful Jewish men.”

  7. Can you delete my posts? I’d rather my posts not remain on here. And I wish you the best for your life and what you are trying to accomplish. I simply consider TSs (even preop) as a part of the cisgendered female community and MtFs TGs as still being a type of men who need to learn to be honest and go by male pronouns. I support rights for those born with the birth defect of TSism, and in ways that don’t enable nor support TGism nor any LGBT behaviors. I’d rather not debate nor get pulled into the fray, and I mean you no disrespect.


  1. Courtney O’Donnell: Transgender Day Of Remebrance: A Reporter’s List « CrimeAlertBlog.Com

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