Transgender ‘The Matrix’ director debuts by saying: “Hi, I’m Lana!” in a movie trailer for new Tom Hanks film

Lana Wachowski

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — I know, I know, I’m seemingly taking the low road here by dropping the names of celebrities to attract attention to the transgender cause in general and this article particular, but you know what, it works to our advantage! Lately, attaching celebrities to trans causes usually brings an overwhelming amount of positive PR — the kind we couldn’t even buy. So, as long as trans people have an uneven playing field, we need to milk the attention whenever the celebrity spotlight is on us.

While the news the director of The Matrix series of films, then known as Larry Wachowski, underwent SRS and is now Lana, has been out for a while, recently however, she has presented herself as Lana for the first time in a movie trailer. “Hi, I’m Lana” she said. Simple and cool.

I’m sure many people are going back to watch Lana’s older films for early signs of Lana’s emergence, because after all, films are often deeply personal. I’m not exactly sure what people will find, but one I’ve seen, Bound might be a bit revealing as it has some LGBT elements — two of the stars, Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly, portrays lesbian characters in the film. The film is noted for their realistic portrayal of a lesbian relationship. I just now took the DVD off the shelf and put it on the TV for a replay.

Lana’s new, Cloud Atlas which stars Tom Hanks, is due out soon. No firm news if there are trans-related elements to it, but if anyone has the inside scoop, feel free to share it with us!

Lana Wachowski


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5 replies

  1. Would be incredible if the director being trans hired a trans video editor..[me!!]…

  2. It seems to me that playing “Spot the transsexual” is a silly game.
    At 51 I was able to hide it so well, that no one imagined who I really was.

  3. I wish they would redo The Matrix. The 2nd one wasn’t that good.


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