Illinois trans individuals can change birth certificate without full SRS; Trans Alaskans can change DMV gender marker without SRS

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A court-supervised agreement allows transgender people in Illinois to change birth certificates gender marker without full sex reassignment surgeries provided their physician signs off the vital records affidavit.

John Knight of the ACLU: “This agreement reflects a basic understanding that the government should not be in the business of telling transgender Illinoisans what kind of surgery they need to undergo . . .”

Some type of SRS surgery is still needed, but the exact type is left up to the individual’s physician. The agreement is also retroactive — trans individuals denied record change in the past can retry for the change.

Illinois to allow transgender individuals to update birth certificate gender marker – LGBTQ Nation.


Alaskan trans people can now change DMV gender marker without SRS provided the person’s physician will certify that they are undergoing treatment and the change will be permanant (Certification from other medical professionals may be required as well). The policy that trans people provide proof of surgery has been dropped by the Alaskan DMV.

This is a bit of surprising news from Alaska, considering they’re having a heck of a time getting basic trans equality legislations on the books. But this is an administrative ruling rather than newly enacted law. The new rule  was likely prompted by a lawsuit against the DMV that didn’t go the state’s way last March. In that case, an unidentified trans woman won a Supreme court ruling allowing her to change the gender marker on her driver’s license.

Alaska ACLU’s Jeffery Mittman: “We think this gets the balance right. Transgender individuals need something that respects their privacy and safety. . .”


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  1. Reblogged this on Kira Moore's Closet and commented:
    Two more states down…

  2. Reblogged this on Pasupatidasi's Blog and commented:
    this is great news! and really, long overdue. in only extending these rights to those who have undergone full srs surgery, many folk who had no insurance to cover the procedure and no stash of cash to fund it were discriminated against.

    in addition, by insisting on a full transformation, so to speak, state law could determine one’s ‘true’ gender, thereby making further discrimination against transgender folk possible and probable.

    self-definition and self-determination are the inherent rights of all members of society. not just the neuro-typical, cis-gendered or moneyed few.

    so hip, hip, hurray!

  3. Wouldn’t you know that the year I move from Alaska they finally start to understand, not much but a little, the good news is I was born in Illinios so Whoppie !!! time to change my birth certificate.

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