Transgender student banned, then later unbanned after showing headmaster UK’s Equality Act

Ashlyn Parram (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Trans student Ashlyn Parram is only 16 years-old, but she’s one up on her teachers at UK’s Giles Academy in Boston, Lincolnshire when it comes to knowing the law on sex discrimination.

After Parram showed up for a school exam she was told by a teacher that she needed to leave and change into a boy’s school uniform. Parram then reportedly printed out a copy of  the UK’s Equality Act and showed it to the school’s headmaster who reversed the teacher’s decision and allowed Parram to return and take the exam.

Reputable sources about this incident is scarce at this writing and I’m not going to rely on the sources I found for details beyond this. If you’re curious, you can read one of the articles below — but be forewarned — the gender IDs and pronouns usage in this article may leave you a bit upset!

[Trigger Warning!] Transsexual, 16, forces school to let him sit exam dressed as a girl: Head threatened with Equality Act | Mail Online.

Ashlyn Parram (Photo:


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  1. Well done, so this is how we change the world, 1 victory after another, she did so much for students her age, congrats!!!

  2. I can’t and I won’t even read the article you posted from the not so reliable source simply from seeing the despicable headline. They are obviously a bigoted source. Way to go Ashlyn!!! Good job! And such a pretty girl too…

  3. It’s not limited to tabloids . . . many mainstream media outlets, especially FOX News, do this kind of deliberate taunting of trans people . . . 😦

  4. Typical DailyFail scurrilous misuse of gender pronouns. For years they have pretended to be a middle class newspaper whereas in truth they have never risen above their gutter press origins and have embraced the sordid tactics of the defunct Sun newspaper. In the absence of any real journalistic talent they frequently rely on cheap titillation to garner popularity and sales. Even my dear, late Grandmother wouldn’t have consider the Mail suitable as toilet paper (for that she relied on the Bournemouth Echo).

  5. Reblogged this on Pasupatidasi's Blog and commented:
    a bit of good news…so happy there’ve been trailblazers for zee.

  6. Steady, quiet, and reasoned progress is how the battle is won for the most part (there will unfortunately also be times to fight)! Good for her and good for us!

    (Oh to be that young and pretty!)

  7. Way to go Ashlyn, you’re not only beautiful you’re also tough. I believe you have done a lot for the teenage transgendered and those that may be leaning that way but have not been able to find the strength to let that side of them show through. You go girl.

  8. Way to stay on top of the news, Lexie! This is exactly why we can’t stay quiet and in a closet. Stand up and defend ourselves, like Ashlyn and we can change the world one school, one city at a time. Way to go, Ashlyn!!

  9. Well done to Ashlyn! Shame on the Daily Mail for once again trying to turn a story of a fight against inequality into a ‘transexuals are undermining society’ story.

  10. Very surprisingly, another British tabloid which is well-known for reactionary attitudes managed to report on this with the correct pronouns!

  11. This stupid article makes me so upset I like to burn down this company! But you make me also upset shes a girl not a transgender!

    • Zara, sorry to dissappoint you, she is a girl with a transsexual history, and nothing can change that, that is a fact! As I said in an earlier post, the 4th estate, for the less wordy of us, the 4th estate is the media, they will forever misgender, lets not dwell on that, lets celebrate her victory over her headmaster, and her bravery at coming out at such a tender age.

      I was not as brave as Ashlyn, at the age she is now.. I came out at age 34!!!


  12. The Daily Mail is a “newspaper” filled with traditional, conservative, right wing “opinion”. Typical that they would get the pronouns all wrong. More shocking headlines that way that won’t alienate their traditional, conservative, right wing readership! What I find heartening about their online pages however is the increase in the number of positive comments which are posted by readers of late. More positive than not which would suggest more people are becoming supportive and aware of trans issues. Hurrah!

  13. Thanks everyone for the comments! 🙂

  14. I had been wondering at the loud silence of the essay on Adeboye before I read your response to ‘Dianeawunah’. If “Pastor Adeboye does not exactly own the church … just the General Overseer … desn’t own the assets of the church or any other vast estate”, who are the trustees? The sincerity of this claim will be bared for the world at the Pastor’s passing as all Nigerian “men of God”, especially of the Pentecostal stripes, prey on their followers who – looking for solutions to their problems, real, imagined or willed – turned to these people for spiritual help. Of course the pastors are more than willing to oblige – for donations and contributions which the church members cannot often afford.


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