Sex reassignment surgery to be covered in ‘Healthy San Francisco’ plan; Federal judge refuses to dismiss Philly trans discrimination case

SF city health plan for uninsured residents to include SRS

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While San Fransisco’s health insurance plan for uninsured residents does cover many of the health needs of transgender residents including hormone treatment and mental health services, but the big one, sex reassignment surgery, was not covered when the program, Healthy San Francisco, was launched in 2007.

It took a complaint against the program to get the ball rolling to remove the remaining exclusions. As it turns out, the program was covering procedures similar to SRS to non-trans people in the program. This practice was deemed discriminatory for trans people.

Now, nearly all parties involved agree that the trans exclusions need to be removed. City officials expected to sign off on the plan soon however, it may take a year or a bit longer for the removal of all the trans exclusions to become administratively official.

The Bay Area Reporter Online | Healthy SF to remove trans exclusions.


Trans woman Bobbie Burnett’s  case against her employer, the city of Philadelphia, is moving forward after U.S. District Judge C. Darnell Jones refused to dismiss her case against the city and 4 coworkers.

Burnett, a library assistant for the Free Library of Philadelphia claims she was harassed and discriminated against after she transitioned. Slurs from supervisors and co-workers, bathroom usage issues and denied pay increase opportunities were among the many allegations in the lawsuit. She also states her coworkers intentionally caused emotional distress — something quite common in other trans hostile workplace cases.

John W. Beavers Jr., Burnett’s attorney: “The jury would have to be asleep to think there was no wrongdoing here.”

City officials had no comments.

IMO, It is insulting that the city attorneys thought they had a shot at dismissal.

Every time a trans person wins a legal battle, a precedent is set and it is a legal step forward that is difficult for detractors to undo.

PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news – News Briefing

SF city health plan for uninsured residents to include SRS (Photo: NY Times)


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