Is paying to find out if trans sex worker gave NBA star HIV an exploitation of trans people?

AJ Daulerio, exploiting trans people

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — You bet! Transgender people have been exploited to financial benefit of others for years and it’s high time we make it distasteful. ought to be shameful for putting out a bounty to pay for tips leading to the identity of the trans sex worker that supposedly gave Magic Johnson HIV.

This bounty followed a PBS airing of a Frontline documentary titled “AIDS in Black America” which included a part by Johnson saying he got HIV ‘sleeping with a lot of women.’ To this point, there is no evidence that indicates Johnson’s statement is false.

AJ Daulerio of, however, believes Johnson’s HIV came from a sex worker, but at the time the source came forward, Daulerio didn’t have the cash to pay the source. He has the money now and has apparently put out an ‘APB’ for the source to come forward.

The LGBT community fired back swiftly — Zach Sire, editor of the Sword website called Daulerio ‘dumb and sleazy’.

The webpage headline ran something like this:  ‘PBS doc still doesn’t reveal who gave Magic Johnson AIDS.’ I’d say the headline clearly separates the news reporters from the news EXPLOITERS.

Shame on you Mr. Daulerio.

(Thanks to Indi for this tip!)

Did Magic Johnson get HIV from a Transsexual Hooker? Gawker Will Pay for Tips On This |’s AJ Daulerio — offering bounty


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3 replies

  1. I think us transgendered people are smarter than that.

  2. It’s disgusting and wrongheaded. It’s nobody’s business WHO gave Magic Johnson AIDS, whether trans, or not! Magic is a gentleman and wouldn’t say. Why should some pseudo-journalist hack have the right to drag someone’s name, and our community in the mud!?

  3. Okay, so he got it from a hooker supposedly, the fact that the hooker is transsexual is not a valid point, not even sure why that is part of the discussion. Instead of worrying about who he got it from, how about if we have REAL sex education and testing available in this country, and the eventual eradication of sexually transmitted diseases? .

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