Trans woman disfigured, stabbed to death in Turkey

Secil Anne (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The victim is Secil Anne, who died after her throat was cut open and her face disfigured by a knife earlier this week at her home in Antalya. Local police do not have a suspect but they are investigating.

Reports indicates there’s been an uptick in violence against trans women in Turkey. It was also reported that Turkey’s trans murder rate is the highest in Europe and the Turkish government is seemingly unconcerned of crimes against trans people.

Secil Anne’s murder however, is especially ominous as it comes a month after a group of about 100 neighbors in Antalya protested the transgender sex workers in the area that were “disturbing” to them. While the police say they do patrol the area and charge sex workers when caught, however, the group of neighbors said then they would be ‘patrolling the area with bats.’

Secil Anne was reported to be a sex worker and it is not known if she lived in the area of this group of neighbors. While there are no reports that this group had anything to do with her death, citizens taking the law into their own hands — mob justice, is never an option in civilized society, no matter what side you come down on sex workers, trans or not.

More about the protest:

English language report of Secil Anne’s death:

News report in Turkish language:

Secil Anne (Photo:


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  1. When is it all going to end. It saddens me tremendously every time I hear about these things. Live and let live. Unfortunately if there is a demand for something a supply will be generated by “people”. If there is proper work and infrastructure available for the trans community they would not resort to prostitution or any other type of demoralizing work.

  2. how very tragic – everybody is somebody’s child and deserve far better than this


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