Trans woman victim of brutal cyber bully attack after sharing personal transition story

Autumn Sandeen

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Autumn Sandeen: “. . . I want my peer trans people to know what can happen to trans people when they share their personal stories online — the level of hate speech, and sometimes even hate action, one can experience in sharing one’s own personal transition story.”

Sandeen detailed this in an article she wrote for Pam’s House Blend — it’s something every net-surfing transgender person ought to read. I’m saying this not to discourage people from sharing personal experiences, but rather, to help people spot cyber bullies and the actions they ought to take. Here is a basic guideline for dealing with cyber bullies:

OUT OF ORDER. Whenever anyone uses an ad hominem (personal attack) comment, it invalidates the entire argument they are trying to make, even if true. Ad hominem comments won’t pass muster with a junior high school debate club moderator and so it shouldn’t for you, either.

CEASE FIRE. First and foremost is to immediately cease responding to anyone who uses ad hominem comments in a response to you or about you. Indeed, clicking the “X” in the upper right side of the window is likely the best step to take. The feeding of bullies must cease immediately — without further info to use against you, they’ll have to make stuff up — something far easier for people to discredit than to figure out your shouting match with a bully.

STAY AWAY. While we cannot stop bullies from having a frenzy with their (for a lack of a better word) dittoheads at a bully-friendly site, do know that sites filled with ad hominem comments rate very low in the general scheme of things and the impact on your life is likely ZERO should you choose to never go there again.

CHOOSE VENUES WISELY. Avoid responding at a site where bullies and ad hominem comments exists — always play on YOUR home court (your own blog) or a neutral home court that is moderated (for instance, The Huffington Post).

There are additional ways to deal with cyber bullies, but they’re more applicable to those of thicker skin.

To read Autumn Sandeen’s article: The Bittersweet “Change Of Gender” Court Ruling: It Came With Even More Cyberharassment | Pam’s House Blend.

Autumn Sandeen


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  1. Question, does anyone still read Pam’s House Blend?

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