SRS requirement for Australia (ACT) ID change may be deleted; it’s official: Episcopal Church allows trans priests

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The deletion of the requirement of SRS (sex reassignment surgery) for legal ID change for transgender people — is part of new measures recommended by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Law Reform Advisory Council to bring ACT in line with the rest of Australia. It appears that these changes are likely to occur.

This is the kind of legislation that should be adopted everywhere, and I’m glad to see movement away from archaic laws starting to happen more and more, even though we’re not going to see anything like this occur in the United States anytime soon.


The Episcopal Church voted overwhelmingly to allow transgender priests. Previously, some dioceses permitted trans priests, while others discouraged it. It’s now illegal to disallow any trans person from joining the priesthood.

Another positive gain for trans people. Even if you’re not Episcopal, or even religious, just the fact that trans priests are becoming commonplace will help eat away at the negative stigma many have for trans people.

More here:  Episcopal Church Approves Transgender People Ordination.


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  1. Back in the eighties I knew a transwomen studying for the Episcopalian priesthood. She had been kicked out of the Capuchins, a roman catholic religious order. I too was later kicked out.

  2. two separate subjects in the same article. You are slipping people!

  3. Mikhael, thanks for commenting, but I’m not sure what you would like me to do — there is really nothing much more to say about those topics at this time, unless you wanted me to just fill space — that is something I don’t do.


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