Trans & LGB people slam hatemongering page on social media site

Hate Monger (Image: Marvel Comics)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “Boycott Fashion Bug – Keep GAYS from shopping at our stores!” says a newly created Facebook page calling for people to boycott Fashion Bug because a ‘man was trying on dresses’ there.

This kind of hatemongering on social media is nothing new and normally I don’t waste my time on these things as eventually Facebook deletes such pages after enough complaints. But I wanted to take a moment to thank all the transgender & LGB people and allies who respond to these hatemongering pages and sites. Clearly the creator of this site is getting a dose of reality, so my hats off to all of you that keep the hate in check!

Here’s a bite if you’re curious:

“[Page] Description: It’s bad enough gays try to ruin everything we have as Americans and now they are popping up in our womens stores using the dressing rooms and prancing around in front of everyone!”
. . .

“My family and I went shopping at a Fashion Bug in Missouri and as we are walking aroung looking for things for my wife I turn my head and see this man come out of a dressing room dressed as a women. He was trying on DRESSES!! And there was a small crowd of about 3 or 4 people over there watching him and taking pictures of him. That is the last thing my child needs to see, is some FREAK wanting to be a women being able to use a womens dressing room in a womens store to fill his FREAKY needs at home! We need to stand up against this as Americans and stop buying from a compant that allows this kind of behavior to be ok in front of familes! Pass this page to all of your friends and get the word out!”

That was apparently the first initial post when he created the page. Five days later he posts this after being overwhelmed with unexpected responses from the trans and LGB community:

“It is unreal how many of you stick up for this sick person and people like him! They are not female and should not be acting like it. It is bad enough they go around and flaunt how gay they are in public. Straight people do not have a Gay Pride parade and celebration going out in public showing off their sickness. All of you supporters are going to be right in hell next to these sick people for supporting what GOD hates.”

For a look-see or to report the page to Facebook, go here:

Hate Monger (Image: Marvel Comics)


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7 replies

  1. I am the man that was trying on the clothes at fashion bug for a drag queen show and I want to thank everyone that has stood up for me. As a gay man I hear a lot of hateful things directed at me because of who I am and it fills my heart with pride and love seeing so many people standing up against hate!!

  2. The person behind that hate speech page is hiding behind an anonymous page….he isn’t even confident enough in his own hate to come out and let us know who is such a hater.

  3. OOOOOMG! If only I was in America. I’d find out where this guy lives shops and spends his time and then makes sure that my rather mixed variety of friends consisting gay men and woman and trans woman and men are always around them pleaces. Hell, I don’t think anyones going to be able to change this guys view on the LGBT community so might as well just have some fun and wind him up. Because sometimes it’s just fun to offend!

    There will unfortunatly always be prejudices in this world, we all just need to remember to be proud of who we are and if anyone doesn’t like who we are then stuff them.

  4. This is the response I got from Facebook when I reported them:


    Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

    Learn more about what we do and don’t allow by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards:


    Because apparently calling for a boycott because a company allows “those people” to shop there isn’t hate speech.

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