The rainbow Oreo cookie — heterosexual conservative Christians whine about being left out

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — To Kraft Foods, the maker of the Oreo cookie, and the company using the rainbow-colored cookie to promote Gay Pride Month, the National Review said this in an article: “. . . heterosexual conservative Christians are customers too . . .”

To General Mills, who released a diversity statement to support ‘all dimensions of values’ the National Review suggested this phrase be added to the statement:  “This excludes the values and beliefs of anyone who has traditional beliefs about homosexuality shared by three major religions for the past 3,000 years.

Near the end of the article there’s this: “. . . perhaps instead of all the self-congratulatory ads and rainbow-colored cookies, they should try to make quality products and respect all of their customers’ values.”

Now we’re at the point in this article where I say it’s BECAUSE of ‘a long tradition of heterosexual Christian values’ things like diversity statements need to exist . . . but I’m thinking for a moment, who are they trying to fool? Certainly not intelligent conservatives — they know they’re writing bunk. The National Review is over-the-heads of most conservatives. Liberals and most moderates know baloney when they see it. So exactly who reads the National Review and believes everything in it?

I think it’s mostly a ploy to put out muck to feed mainstream media in order to keep the masses confused and people like me busy debunking it, all the while postponing the inevitable demise of their cherished “family values” until long past their own deaths.

The Cookie Battle: It’s Not Pride, It’s Taking Sides – By Nancy French – The Home Front – National Review Online.


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4 replies

  1. when I see people who “claim to be christian” promote TRUE FAMILY VALUES FOR ALL PEOPLE, (not just bigoted, homophobic, transphobic nutjobs), then and only then will I have respect for them.

  2. The 3 major religions (of europe) have by far caused most of the bloodshed of the last 3,000 years. So these whining conservative Christian bitches can go straight to hell.

  3. The “three” major religions are a stupid ethnocentric American way of looking at the world. The largest religions are Christianity(2.1 billion), Islam (1.5 billion) and Secularism/Atheism/Unaffiliated (1.1 billion). If you don’t consider the third one a religion, Hinduism is next (900 million).

    Judaism comes in at 12 with about 14 million people.

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