Singer k.d. lang moves to Portland, Oregon

kd lang (Photo: NY Daily News)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Portland, Oregon, is ‘one of the most Canadian cities in America’ says singer k.d. lang who recently moved into Portland’s Pearl District from Los Angeles.

“I’ve always felt comfortable here” lang tells interviewer Kristi Turnquist of The Oregonian. “A perfect city” she says. A long attraction and strong resonance with Portland after years of gigs here was enough for her to just pack up and come — her first choice, actually, when it came time to move on from LA.

The Canadian-born four-time Grammy award winner and LGBT activist says she only knows very few people personally in Portland, but my hunch is that, like it was for many of us, she’ll fit in as if she lived here her whole life.

Portland’s own k.d. lang on her Oregon Zoo concert and moving to the Rose City |

kd lang (Photo:


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  1. Personally, I first heard k.d. lang on what was likely her first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the ’80s. I was blown away totally — here was this country singer from Alberta, Canada who could sing like it was nobody’s business. Shortly later, lang came to town and performed at Key Largo — then one Portland’s most premiere live music night clubs. Portland at the time had a large and vibrant local music scene and I spent each weekend listening to one local band or another — national artists usually couldn’t hold a candle to the local talent of the time. But in the case of k.d. lang, she blew everyone’s candles out, and more. Wow. I remember her Key Largo gig as if were yesterday! (My apologies to the Steve Bradleys, Jon Koonces and many other now fading names of local Portland musicians who were worthy of national prominence but didn’t quite achieve it.)

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