Portland man calls 911 then busted for belt whipping trans women, ‘walking while trans’ in Toronto results in police searches

Trans advocate Morgan M. Page (Photo: trans-genre.net)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — What was he thinking? —  is it okay to whip trans women with a belt, but if they defend themselves with pepper spray, it’s time to call the cops to report an assault? After the Portland (Oregon) police responded to Reginald Ferdinand McGhee’s call, they ended up arresting him for assault and intimidation. The women say after McGhee passed them in the street, he yelled slurs and swung his large buckled belt at them. One woman suffered minor injuries. The police says it was a bias crime but they have not said if he was actually pepper sprayed.

Bias crime alleged in Portland belt buckle assault | OregonLive.com.


The phrase “walking while trans” is used in Toronto, Canada, by some to describe the actions of the police as they regularly stop, search and arrest transgender people because officers are suspecting they’re sex workers.

519 Church Street Community Centre’s Morgan M. Page: “walking while trans is definitely an in-joke within our community. It’s kind of a snappy way of summing up a whole variety of experiences we’re regularly [subjected] to by police.”

While Toronto police say they are working to improve relations with the trans community since the Ontario Human Rights Commission stepped in over a mishandled police action with trans citizens, others suggest there is a long way to go before trans women can walk the streets of Toronto and not worry of being stopped and searched.


Trans advocate Morgan M. Page (Photo: trans-genre.net)


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4 replies

  1. Fuck the police, and stupid belt waving ass hats. God, grow up and let other people live their fucking lives you fucking ass holes.

  2. I have a better solution to solve this problem, it’s called lock and load. I’m not going to beg people to treat me like a human being. Bottom line, you WILL treat me like a human being or you WILL suffer the consequences, and that goes for anyone, including thugs with a badge.

  3. This is sad to hear but we transwomen are strong and we will be here for every this is our earth to.

  4. Twelve years of traditional martial arts training means that no one screws with this trans woman and gets away with it.

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