Young lesbian couple found shot in Texas — motive for the shooting not known

Mary Chapa, Mollie Olgin (Photo: NBC-TV)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The victims were teens, 19 and 18. Mollie Olgin died from her wounds, and Mary Chapa is in serious but stable condition following surgery. Both were shot in the head and found in a south Texas park.

The police have not found a shooter and it is not known if their sexuality played a part in the shooting. They did find a bullet casing and a witness heard shots but thought they were firecrackers. The couple was found in a remote area of the park not usually frequented during the hours they were there. The police are supposedly trying to put together information to identify a suspect.

Friends of the victims say no one has responded negatively to their relationship.

It’s too early to even remotely speculate what triggered the shooting but it does serve as a reminder that all trans and LGBT people ought to take steps to stay safe. I’ll update if more becomes known.

Teen lesbian couple found shot in Texas park – U.S. News.

Mary Chapa, Mollie Olgin (Photo: NBC-TV)


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