Canadian hate group targets conservative MPs for supporting transgender rights

Canadian MP Bruce Stanton (Photo:

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A so-called “family values” organization has targeted 15 Conservative members of Parliament for their support of an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act which gives transgender Canadians stronger protection against discrimination.

The Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) became angry following a Parliament vote  approving the amendment (Bill C-279) – had the 15 Conservatives voted the other way, the amendment would have been defeated. There will be another vote this fall and if passed, the measure will move on to the Senate. The CLC in the meantime needs to convince nearly all of the 15 MPs to change their minds if they wish to derail the amendment.

MP Bruce Stanton (one of the 15 Conservatives voting for the amendment): “I’ve heard from people in our own riding that are conflicted in this way and that are discriminated against. It’s a great source of anguish…. I believe that this group of Canadians deserves to have the same tools available to them in the law to prevent that kind of discrimination.”

I’d like to remind our transgender Canadian friends that they need to support our conservative allies in Parliament. All 15 MPs need to be contacted and praised for doing the right thing in the face of this opposition from within their own party.–stanton-criticized-for-support-of-transsexual-canadians

Conservative Canadian MP Bruce Stanton supports strengthening trans rights (Photo:


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  1. Hi Lexi..
    Am I stupid? I ask this in the most serious tone I can muster as I am so so angry..

    Why am I so angry? What is with idiots that fear the trans community? I don’t get it! I am so confused as I know for me as a trans activist, I am not seeking to convert anyone to my way of life, to what I am? I am not preying on anyone, unlike some extreme fundamentalist “christian” churches do.

    Transgender and transsexual are not diseases or syndromes, they are not spread from kissing, holding hands, or sexual intercourse or the use of bathroom thrones.

    I just do not get why people want to attack the very human rights we as homo sapiens are entitled to, the very same equal rights as males and females are born into regardless of race, ethnicity, or bubble-gum color.

    Transpeople are not to be feared, we are not monsters, and yet it seems we are.. What the F*** is going on in the so called advanced society of the Great White North-Canada?

    So what if I change genders? Not changing genders I am less productive, less social, less of a person, after transition, I am more productive, more a person.. I know this is not for everyone, I am so angry at the transphobes, I just want to throttle the morons and the racists, and the downright bigots that pollute our planet.

    They are not helping anyone, they just set back relations and cling onto some outdated, moronic belief in there being only 2 binary genders..

    I would love to know just how many of the bigots calling for less human rights for trans in Canada are in fact closet trans??? A bigot is only a bigot if they have something to fear??

    What does a bigot fear most??? Being outed!!!

    Rant over..

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