Virgina transgender victim no-show, charges dropped

Off the hook!

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT –Two people charged with the beating of trans woman Ahnesia Jett in Brad Hill, Virgina, were set free and charges dropped when the victim and a witness failed to show up in court.

Jett was a victim of a mob beating in May 2011 that resulted in one plea agreement — Gregory Allen Frye Jr. spent 15 days in jail for throwing a punch. But Farkeem French and Laqueta Webb, held out for a trial for their part in the beating.

The prosecution previously had trouble getting the witness, Sharon Forsyth, to show for earlier court dates and with the victim failing to appear this time around, it was likely the last straw for the judge.

The defense attorney says that the incident had nothing to with Jett being transgender. Jett states otherwise. However, with the charges dropped, this case is over.

Charges dropped in transgender beating case after victim fails to appear – National Transgender & Transsexual Issues |

Off the hook!


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