Under disguise of “protecting business,” religious activist blasts transgender people, ENDA

Tony Perkins says trans people are men dressed in drag

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “Can you imagine walking into your child’s classroom and meeting a teacher dressed in drag?” This was said by a prominent opponent of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) following testimony from a transgender person  during a ENDA hearing in the U.S. Senate last week.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council: “It wasn’t too long ago that homosexual activists said they just wanted ‘to get the government out of their bedroom’ … Now we know why: they wanted to put their bedroom in the workplace!” 

On the topic of trans people, Perkins said this: “. . . this legislation [EDNA] would extend those special protections to transgenders. In other words, businesses and public organizations would have to bend their dress codes and change their bathroom and shower policies to accommodate men who dress like women and vice-versa. Can you imagine walking into your child’s classroom and meeting a teacher dressed in drag?”

Of course, none of this rhetoric has much to do with EDNA, but the fear generated by Perkins and others of this ilk kept all Republicans from attending the EDNA hearing.

Committee chairman Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) hopes for a swift move for EDNA through the committee but couldn’t promise a time frame beyond that. The Trans People of Color Coalition’s Kylar Broadus was among those testifying at the hearing.

Newsworthy to trans people is a 2011 report by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law that indicates 78% of trans people are harassed at work.

As for Perkins, remember the power he yields is diminished by a rising number of Democrats elected to the Senate and House. Please vote accordingly.

Man tells senators transgendered people ‘lose their careers’ – latimes.com.

[Note: trigger warning for the comments section here.] http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/congress-eyes-workplace-protections-for-transgenders/

Tony Perkins says: “Can you imagine walking into your child’s classroom and meeting a teacher dressed in drag?”


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15 replies

  1. Wish I was still up in Maryland and would ask him to say that in my face. ;

    • Doesnt that prove to society that you are indeed a crazy tranny?! Or that we are by default nutbars?!
      Id say just avoid him all together.
      Cause his security might just say something like fist in your face. ESPECIALLY since your a man legally.
      They can legally beat yer butt.

    • Nobody wins against Insane people… They are always right in their own minds. Thats all he is… Insane, and a Director of a Terrorist Group.. thats right Terrorist!! The Govt has labeled the Family Research Council as a Penitential Terrorist Group and is on the FBIs watch list as Extremist!

  2. In Jacksonville Florida we have Ordinance 2012-296 up for debate by the city council that would add similar protections as Enda. But even here they are using that “Trans people would dress like hookers and have access to your children.” bullshit speech that they are using against Enda too. It is fucking sick.

    I spoke in front of the city council but it looks like we’re getting erased here too.

    • The Sky will always be threatened to fall by people that are Religiously Oppressive against others. I mean, the FRC this guy is with is on the FBIs watch list. You hear Sewage like this, because they have no idea what the hell they are talking about. FRC nearly Bankrupted last winter, and I wish they would have.

      ALL of the speculation, not a SINGLE piece of it has been proven as factual, and they will act like Preachers when challenged, which they either give a generalized answer with zero merit or skirt the question all together. Its rather easy to prove these people wrong, and I enjoy doing it everytime I can.

  3. I’m getting to the point where I think “LOCK AND LOAD” is the only way to fix this nonsense, because asking them “pretty please” to ALLOW us to exist IS NOT WORKING.

  4. Plain and simple…. idiot.

  5. Tony looks like he has been working on his, uh her eyebrows a little too much. We can help.

    It’s OK sweetie, come on out. . .

  6. Men like this are a cancer in our midst. They need to be quickly and efficiently surgically removed from positions of power and influence.

  7. This is in regard to the testimony of The Family Research Council’s president, Tony Perkins, at a ENDA hearing in the U.S. Senate last week. You can email this venal, despicable bigot and heterosexist, Tony Perkins, via The Family Research Council (what an Orwellian title) website at:
    Tell this ignorant and hateful individual just what you think of his disgusting views and shameful opinions. Share this with your friends. And contact your senators and congressmen & congresswomen. Below is a copy of what I wrote to this nasty bit of work and his repugnant council of thieves. I call them thieves because they try to rob all LGBT people of their dignity and pride. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!!!

    ATT: Tony Perkins
    In regards to your testimony concerning EDNA before before the U.S. Senate last week, I’m sure you must be mightily pleased with your ignorant, bigoted, and misplaced statements. You should be ashamed of yourself for speaking such vapid, inelegant, disparaging tripe. Your statements are morally and ethically wrong as well as factually incorrect. I suggest you take the time to learn at least a modicum of knowledge about the subject that your pathetically puerile and ill-conceived testimony claimed to address.

    NOTE – Generally I do not like to use the terms used by the the medical and research communities. These pigeonhole definitions are dehumanizing and offensive (not that you give a tinker’s damn about dehumanizing others) but for the sake of clarity while still achieving brevity, in this case I feel I must make an exception.

    First of all, transgendereism (which concerns gender identity) is unrelated to 1-homosexuality,2- bisexuality, or 3-heterosexuality (all three of which pertain to sexual preference). Next, for starters, you can acquaint yourself with the work of Dr. Roger Gorski, who held the chair of neurobiology at UCLA and was on the Nobel Prize Nominating Committee.

    Gender Identity is not a choice, nor is it a matter of genitalia or DNA. It is a matter of neural architecture. To put it plainly so even an uninformed idiot like you can fathom, the male and female brain are structurally different. Gender differences (female and trans-female, male and trans-male) occur as follows:

    1 – In the first seven weeks of life the gender structure of the brain and nervous system as well as the gonads (the genital precursors) of both XX and XY fetuses are undifferentiated (meaning that at this point of development, they are the same).

    2 – At about seven weeks, different hormonal washings take place. In the genetically XY fetus, one washing masculinize the brain and another masculinize the gonads, thus the fetus develops as a male. In the genetically XX fetus no such hormonal washings take place and the fetus develops as a female.

    Okay, Tony, are you with me so far? These are the facts and the facts stipulate that the XX female is the default (so to speak) sex and that the XY male is the mutant or aberration (so your bible has it wrong, Eve came first, so God must have made Adam from one of her ribs!). That means all men, even you Tony, started life in the womb as essentially a female but after seven weeks your XY genes triggered hormones that turned little Antonia into little Anthony! Now Gorski and other researchers have found concrete evidence of men with XX genes (who can sire a child) and woman with XY genes (who can get pregnant and bring a child to term. But that’s another matter all together and I don’t want to overload your enfeebled brain. Suffice it to say the the XX and XY genes are not the total firewall between the female and male that we were taught in 8th grade science class (you did make it to the 8th grade, didn’t you?). Now let’s move forward to see how it is that Antonia can be Antonia but with Anthony’s plumbing (or how Anthony can be Anthony but with Antonia’s plumbing).

    3 – When the gonads hormonal washing takes place but the brain hormonal washing does not, the baby will be a M2F transsexual (male genitals but female neural architecture).

    4 – If the gonads hormonal washing does not take place but the brain hormonal washing does, the baby will be a F2M transsexual (female genitals but male neural architecture).

    5 – In all cases of M2F and F2M transgendered people, the genital gender is opposite of their neural gender structure (their brain and thus their self-perceived gender identity). A person’s DNA is irrelevant to the individuals self-perception of gender identity (DNA only role in gender is the triggering of hormones in the XX fetus). Of course there are deep and extraordinary spiritual aspects to the transgender identity and experience but that discussion is for another time. Neural architecture is the wiring schematic that defines an individual’s own self-perceived gender identity. That self-perceived gender identity occurs as part of a child’s development of self-cognition as the developing and more sophisticated aspects of memory take hold, around the age of 24 to 36 months. That is why when you ask a transperson when they knew of their self-perceived gender identity they will all tell you the same answer, “I always knew.”

    My last point that I suggest you think deeply about (if such a thing is possible) is this. Transsexuality occurs not just in humans but in all species of mammals (take the time to read of Gorski’s work with transgender mammals). In human history transgenderism dates back beyond the dawn of recorded history. Indeed, as it occurs in all mammals, it must predate mankind by millions of years. Those two facts taken along with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (I’m sure the mere mention of Darwin is repellant to you but evolution is treated as an accepted fact by all responsible and capable scientists, researchers and academia) lead to the following conclusion; transsexuality is NOT the manifestation of some neuroses nor the result of some fetal developmental mistake. Quite the opposite, the continued existence of transsexuality in a wide range of living creatures and its continued occurrence throughout time would seem to clearly indicate that transsexuality is a survival imperative of the species.

    And just in case you were wondering, Tony, I’m not L,G,B, or T. I’m a 59 year old husband, father, and grandfather who just believes in doing the right thing and that all people deserve the dignity of equal protection under the law. It is sadly apparent from your illogical, irrational, and most unChristian testimony before the Senate that you feel otherwise.
    Good night and good luck,
    Peter V. Newman

  8. I expect these people to get crazier the closer we get to December 21. Getting to December 23 should knock the wind out of their sails.


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