84-year-old Chinese trans woman comes out, first Briton to have SRS awarded MBE

84-year-old trans woman Qian Jinfan

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Although Qian Jinfan didn’t start living as a woman until she was 80-years-old, she knew at age 3 she wasn’t meant to be a male. Sex reassignment surgery came at age 82 and now, at age 84, Jinfan outs herself in an interview for Southern Metropolitan Daily advocating for trans people.

Jinfan, who is now China’s oldest trans person, is a former government official, a calligrapher, and an art critic. She recalls always thinking it would be great to be a girl when she was younger, but kept these things inside until her marriage to a woman ended at age 80.

Jinfan: “I don’t think I’m inferior to anyone. I will not give up so easily. I have done nothing wrong.”

Qian Jinfan, China’s Oldest Transgender Woman, ‘Outs’ Herself In Advocacy Bid.


British trans woman April Ashley, the first Briton to have SRS, was awarded Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) during the Queens Birthday Honors. Ashley, now 77, is a well-known and somewhat flamboyant trans woman who made a name for herself through close association with many artists and entertainers, but it was her efforts to get the British law changed in 2005 bringing equality to trans people as the primary reason this honor was bestowed on her.

Congrats to both of these trans role models!


Qian Jinfan, April Ashley


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  1. Reblogged this on Pasupatidasi's Blog and commented:
    more positive role-models for our transgender kids!


  2. April Ashley wasn’t the first Brit to have SRS. Roberta Cowell and Michael Dillon (whose stories were both widely publicized in the UK) preceded her by over 10 years. April is being rewarded for her continual activism which included years spent in court trying to have her gender and marriage validated.

    • Dillon preceded her by over 10 years, and had the first ever T->M SRS. Cowell paid for the figuring out (by world-renowned surgeon Sir Harold Gillies) of the pedicled-flap T->F SRS technique that became the world standard for 45 years, so Ashley’s self-promotional claim would erase hugely important pioneers. Ashley never went to court on our behalf. On the contrary, her ill-prepared divorce case, to win a few thousand from an abusive but noble transvestite she should never have married, and publicise a restaurant she had a share in, cost us in the UK the right to a legal identity and to marry in a way that has still not been fully repaired, 40 years later. She had not had her birth certificate changed, had not had the biological tests done, did not have the right witnesses. She apparently didn’t expect a judge friendly to her noble husband to see her as “nothing more than a drag queen”, or her husband’s lawyers to paint them both as freaks unworthy of being ever considered married, which left all the rest of us tarred with the same brush, but heterosexual transvestites not, naturally. She then preferred to spend the newspapers’ payments on her restaurant rather than an appeal, which no one else could instigate. April’s only positive contribution was inadvertently being the first to publicly demonstrate (in 1962) that someone transsexual could become a beautiful young woman. But that in itself is worth her being honored. Just don’t buy into the other lies.

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