Anti-transgender Boy Scouts organization get another black eye

Open discrimination against trans and LGB people — avoid the Boy Scouts

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — This time it is an order from the Oregon Supreme Court for the public release of their “perversion files” — a 20 year record of suspected child molesters from within the organization.

While the Boy Scout organization won a court victory a few years back that allowed them to exclude LGBT people from participating in the scouts, they have  however, been hammered with sex abuse allegations and  court cases, including recent a $18.5 million dollar payout to a victim in Portland, Oregon. That case involved former assistant scoutmaster Timur Dykes who has admitted to molesting at least 17 boys.

It was the Dykes case that attracted media attention to the existence of the “perversion files” — supposedly 1,200 names and 20,000 pages. Media organizations, including The Oregonian, and The New York Times, filed a lawsuit to get the files released. While the scouts fought to keep the files sealed, a Multnomah county judge and later, the Oregon Supreme Court, ordered the files released.

IMO, as far as the Boy Scouts are concerned, transgender and LGB people should avoid them for their outrageous discrimination practices, and for everyone else, to prevent children from being sexually abused, because it took a court case to find out who the molesters were.

Oregon Supreme Court says Boy Scouts ‘perversion files’ are public record – The Washington Post.

Open discrimination against trans and LGB people and child molesters – avoid the Boy Scouts


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  1. Hi Lexie – this does not surprise me a bit. Sexual predators seek out this sort of opportunity. However, only yesterday I read an article discussing that B.S.A. will be reconsidering the issue of Gay scouts and scout leaders. I am very skeptical, this could be a game changer fo the B.S.A. Part of the discussion was whether the individual scout districts could soon make their own decision about Gay scouts?

  2. The Boy Scouts is run by bigots, pedophiles, and people who would choose to protect bigots and pedophiles at the expense of the safety and well-being, indeed at the expense of the very lives of America’s children. Words cannot express the absolute disgust and contempt with which I hold for leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. Their names and photos need to be made public so citizens will know and be able to identify just who these perverters of morals and ethics are. They must be held accountable.

    • Scouting didn’t have bigoted policy until the Mormon church took financial control of the organization. Also scouting has lower rates of molestation than other youth organizations; I worked as a camp councilor for five years and we spend a lot of time on youth protection and how to recognize and report sings of abuse. Every year I worked at that camp there were openly gay and atheistic staff members. I agree that the BSA needs to change it’s rules and leadership. My experiences with scouting have been positive, but reports like this make me ashamed to be an Eagle Scout.

  3. All I know is my troop leader was arrested in the sixty’s for his leadership in the wrong way

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