U Georgia professor busted for prostitution – transgender status unknown


THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A well-known University of Georgia German professor, Max Reinhart, was arrested for prostitution. Reinhart was dressed in drag at the time and as far as I can tell, Reinhart has not disclosed whether or not he is transgender.

I recognize that many trans people do support themselves by being  sex workers and I do not condemn the practice because people who usually do so, often have no choice — I would never embarrass a trans person for making an income this way. In this case, however, the person has ample income and is well-known. This is what makes it news and it will be covered by the media regardless what we think its news worthiness is.

Reinhart was caught after police investigated an advertisement in the ‘transsexual service’ section of backpage.com. The name “Sasha” was used and Reinhart reportedly asked for $60 for the services when talking to an undercover detective.

Reinhart on Channel 2 Action News: “This charge is not exactly what it appears, OK. I can only say that. . . .  I’m embarrassed. I’m feeling very stupid.”

Interesting twist . . . I’d be curious to know if Reinhart is doing this just for the money or because the motive is rooted in gender curiosity or more.

Cross-dressing UGA professor charged with prostitution  | ajc.com.

“Sasha” (Photo -ajc.com)


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  1. The media will probably have a field day with this, but we in the trans community should be careful and respectful, as you say, Lexie, we don’t know what the professor’s motivation was.

  2. While I get this individual was not lacking other job opportunities, I fail to see why she should have been arrested. Why is this wrong?

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