Transgender soccer player scores big against prejudice

Miranda Salman (Photo – Facebook)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Miranda Salman, knocked out of a sport known for “masculine ethos,” returns again, this time as a woman, and ends up as one of the top players on an all-women soccer team in Mexico.

Salman previously played soccer professionally as a man, but a broken ankle and harassment over her feminine mannerism put an end to her first go at the game. Marriage, a kid, and sex reassignment surgery followed. Eight years later she’s back on the field, and according to a teammate, she’s the best player on the team.

Salman told her story in an International Day Against Homophobia PR video. Further research into Salman’s background returned a lot of interesting hits, but my Spanish, by a long shot, isn’t good enough for use in the media. If anyone can provide further information about her, post it in this blog’s comment section! I can tell you she has 75,000 subscribers to her personal Facebook page – that’s a heck of a lot of people following a transgender soccer player!

Miranda Salman: Transgender Soccer Player Defies Prejudice Against LGBT Community (VIDEO).

Soccer player Miranda Salman

Miranda Salman (Photo – Facebook)


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