WARNING: Violent “cross-dressing” prostitutes on the loose in Atlanta says NBC’s WXIA 11

Transvestite Prostitute Warning?


Geez, talk about irresponsible journalism. If I were to fill in the blanks, We’d have a whole other story here — documented studies of trans people shunned by society from gainful employment, scraping by on the streets, all the while trying to defend themselves from harm.

“Residents in Midtown have been dealing with the problem of cross-dressing prostitutes for decades. Decades.” (Decades, and no one figured out they’re not crossdressers, never mind why they’re there in the first place.)

“The situation has become even more critical than it has been in the past, given police warnings that the prostitutes have become more “aggressive” and pose a threat to anyone who tries to confront them.” (Maybe they’re tired of being beaten.)

A neighbor who says his friends were attacked and robbed: “They gave them everything they wanted, but they still kind of beat them up. I think it was most likely the cross-dressers and their pimps.” (Kind of? Likely? You mean you’re guessing? And the station aired the remarks?)

I’m just going to hold these people at this station accountable for their actions. The by-line: Keith Whitney. The station: WXIA-TV, an NBC affiliate in Atlanta. The monker: 11 Alive. The owners: The Gannett Company.

PHONE: 404-892-1611

FAX (newsroom): 404-881-0675

MAIL: WXIA-TV / 11Alive, One Monroe Place NE, Atlanta, Ga., 30324

email: http://www.11alive.com/life/company/contact/default.aspx

They’ve a Facebook page if you like leaving comments.

Transvestite Prostitutes Becoming More Violent In Midtown. | 11alive.com.

Transvestite Prostitute Warning?


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