UK ad watchdog bans “spot the stallions from the mares” TV commercial

Paddy Power “Spot the stallions from the mares” commercial

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — “Spot the stallions from the mares”? Yes, it is what you think. A television commercial which prompted viewers to spot transgender women in a crowd was banned by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority. The spot was created for Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker.

Complaints, along with input from social media and the Kent Transgender Forum likely compelled the ASA to take action, although they downplayed social media’s role.

From the ASA: “The suggestion that trans people could be segregated into the gender stereotypes ‘stallions’ and ‘mares’ as part of a guessing game, trivialised a complex and difficult issue and objectified them in a way that was likely to cause them serious offence. . .”

Paddy Power is still running the ad in places where the ASA has no authority, such as on YouTube. Paddy Power claims they consulted with a trans organization prior to running the ad but there are some disputes over the facts.

Watch the video:

This incident brings to mind an another controversial TV ad from Australia (Libra tampon) I wrote about earlier this year:

Read more from The GuardianPaddy Power’s ‘transgendered ladies’ ad banned by ASA | Media |

Paddy Power “Spot the stallions from the mares” commercial (YouTube)

Paddy Power “Spot the stallions from the mares” commercial (YouTube)


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