Prison guard transits to female, keeps job at tough male-only prison

Andrea Roussel (Photo –

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Nearly twenty years on the job and Andrea Roussel decided it was time. It’s difficult to think of another more dangerous workplace to be at while transiting, but Roussel, a former football player and wrestler, was ready.

Prison administrators worked with Roussel as she presented as a woman prior to sex reassignment surgery. This was a difficult time for Roussel as her fear of being ridiculed by the prisoners became a reality. Rumors about a “tranny” spread through the prison and she worried about physical attacks. But she was determined not to quit.

Her path to transition is familiar to many trans people — parental pressure, suicide attempts, loneliness, and therapy.

Roussel on her youth: “I used to practise [sports] every day. I didn’t want to go home . . . I tried not to go home. If I went home and wasn’t busy, the urge of being Andrea would be too strong.”

It’s now been over 2 years since SRS and she is still a guard at Toronto’s the Don jail, handling Canada’s most troublesome male prisoners.

Toronto News: Andre to Andrea: Don Jail guard thrives on job after sex change –

Andrea Roussel outside her workplace (Photo –


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  1. WOW! Andrea’s story can do a lot of good among prison workers, police, and the public at large. I don’t usually have much good to say about many of those who are in any aspect involved in the criminal justice system. However I must congratulate Andrea Roussel and the prison administrators who worked with her during her transition and who continue to employ her. I wish those within the American criminal justice system would demonstrate even a fraction of the ethics and decency demonstrated by their Canadian counterparts.

  2. I think I know this woman! If I do, she’s an awesome writer too.

  3. This women is a horrible person on the inside. There is more to her story, sadly her co-workers are not allowed to speak out or they would face termination. Aldo, a correction; Toronto jail, not Montreal.

    I pray that one day the truth is told! Please don’t be so quick to applaud her story.

  4. No one talked about the fact that she can’t work in the jail environment
    She can’t get along with staff , other managers and causes problems wherever she works.
    The promotion was given to him through the grievience process and not by earning it
    She has cllaimed discrimination every time she doesn’t get her way
    You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing anything about this idiot!!!

  5. When that happens, return to post a link. In the meantime in the absence of supporting evidence, all we have is hearsay.

    Historically trans people face extreme prejudice when transitioning on the job. A prison is an even harsher environment. The perspective you see as a co-worker may indeed be completely different from actuality.

  6. The article in the Toronto Star states the following: “before the sex-change operation, a prisoner grabbed Roussel’s testicles and squeezed hard. “It took five blows to the head for him to release. His face didn’t look like a face when I was done.”

    Did you know that this matter was never investigated by the Ministry to be deemed proper use of force?

    At any time did Andrea tell the media she would freely divulge inappropriate information regarding what her new vagina would like to random co-workers, pulling photos up on the Internet when she was picking out the style of vagina she preferred. Discussing seepage issues from her new vagina with anybody that was around. Almost daring someone to file a complaint, because she would run and claim discrimination.

    She did not earn a managers position fairly, she is not in contact with prisoners and the Ministry in which she works for is terrified to reprimand her because she will claim she is being discriminated against.

    The story paints a very phony picture of who she really is.
    You ask for proof? What tangible evidence are you looking for?
    Remember this, Andrea received permission to speak to the media…….do you really think anyone of her coworkers would be granted permission?
    We would be terminated!

    No one can keep this charade up forever.
    To those officers who are currently on suspension or have lost their jobs due to use of force, I would say a class action suit is in order against this ministry for unequal treatment.

    • U know her too I see.
      Wheres your response to that Lexi??

    • So, your employer is saying you cannot speak to the media? Is this something in your employment agreement or contract? If so, have you asked if you can speak to the media? Did they so no? Have you wrote a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star to comment on their article?

      Even if what you are claiming is true, it is not Andrea’s fault there was “no investigation”.

  7. I worked with “Andre” about 20 years ago at the Barrie jail….. Yes he was a bit different, but harmless, pretty much kept to himself. But, was always willing to lend a helping hand.
    He was married at the time and spoke highly of his then wife.
    I think we should not judge until we have walked in HER heels….. No one goes for a body altering surgery just to stir up shit!!!!
    Andrea…. You do still have balls, they are just up higher and are now called tits!!! You go girl, stir up that pot and stomp on everyone that crosses your path.

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