Chloe Sevigny portrays a transgender contract killer in UK’s “Hit & Miss” TV series

Chloe Sevigny, a trans hit woman in “Hit & Miss”

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Exploitation? Maybe. But I’m willing to give this series a shot because Sevigny portrays a pre-op trans woman taking hormones. She’s fitted with prosthetic penis to bring a bit of realism to the character and themes in the series include sexual identity and family — she has a son in the series.

But she’s also a hit woman. Television is a tough venue – you’ve got to have a hook if it’s to sell. If done right, I’d say we’ve a chance to humanize trans people for the masses. By all accounts, the trans character is cool and human. Sevigny will certainly be a great draw who, according to some reports, researched the role before filming began.

Hit & Miss is a six-part series scheduled to air this month in the UK, if my information is correct, on Sky Atlantic.

Chloe Sevigny, a trans hit woman in “Hit & Miss”


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6 replies

  1. Uhhh
    a transs woman “fitted with a Prosthetic Penis”???
    i could see a transs man having a prothetic penis but a trasswoman? NO WAY!!!
    metihnks the got the mtf/ftm all mixed up eh? =P

  2. Lexie, you go ahead and monitor this program. I will take a pass. It seems, at best, another set-up for disappointment in media representation of our community. I know they need a ‘hook’, but a “hit woman”? How about a trans Doctor, or Firefighter, or Lawyer – they exist as you know. It’s time we are portrayed as successful, well adjusted (not deviant, or homicidal), examples of humanity. Prostetic Penis? Really?! pre-op, post-op, whatever – what TV viewer watching this series is going to be focused on Chloe’s crotch to see if there is a bulge? Nope. I won’t be watching.

  3. I agree, it could be a set-up for disappointment, that said, lawyer and doctor shows have such a high bar to get any kind of interest from audiences these days, including mine. I’ll go out on a limb for this one.

    There was a pre-op trans (re-occurring) character on “Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia” that had a prostetic penis and as it turned out, she was positively portrayed as having a higher moral and eithical values than the rest of the cast even though she might have initially been written in the script for exploitation value.

    We’ll see.

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