Transgender teen in semi-final for Miss England

Jackie Green

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In a community that is often lacking in upbeat news, I’m embracing the positive impact transgender beauty pageant contestants can have for trans people and their allies in the media.

On the heels of Canada’s trans beauty contestant Jenna Talackova, The UK’s 18-year-old Jackie Green is doing a turn at the spotlight — now in the semi-finals for national pageant Miss England. Green was convinced to enter by scouts for the national apparently unaware she was a trans woman. The competition resumes at the end of May with the finals in June.

Suspecting something was up, Green’s mother flew her to Boston for psychological tests at age 12 and refianced her house to pay for sex reassignment surgery when she was 16. She was prescribed prescribed female hormones and puberty blockers after the Boston trip.

Says Green: “Lots of people have been in touch and it makes me blush to think I have inspired others. I never thought I would be able to inspire anyone.”

Transgender teenager Jackie Green wins place in the Miss England semi-final – Mirror Online.

Trans Miss England contestant Jackie Green


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