[UPDATE] Lincoln city council passes trans protection ordinance, CA pro-transgender amendments debated

Overflow crowd at Lincoln public hearing. (Photo: Lincoln Journal Star)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — [UPDATE – Lincoln city council passes trans protection ordinance. See below.] Just the idea that numerous locales and states are considering trans protection bills or ordinances at the same time is sign that times are changing rapidly. Here’s an update on two:

SACRAMENTO, CA — Last week saw the passage of bills benefiting Trans and LGB people in the state Assembly and Senate. This week, they’ll be working on prohibiting “gay-to-straight” therapy for minors — something brought to national attention by Michele Bachmann. It wasn’t all smooth sailing. The state GOP is in an uproar following passage of some of these bills:

· AB1960  would allow the owners of businesses contracting with the state to identify themselves as gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual. The Department of General Services already collects data on contractors by race, ethnicity and gender. The bill would not require business owners to identify their sexual orientation. Passed 46-23 and moves to the Senate.

· AB1856 would require the state Department of Social Services to expand its foster parent education program to include sensitivity training on the topic of sexual orientation. Passed 49-21 and moves to the Senate.

· SB987  would make several technical changes to the codes governing the public retirement system. Among other things, the bill requires the state to give domestic partners the same benefits as married spouses. Passed 31-0 and moves to the Assembly.

· SB1172  would prohibit therapists from practicing gay-to-straight counseling on patients younger than 18. Adult patients would have to give written consent. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up the bill Tuesday. –From The Monterey County Herald


LINCOLN, NEBRASKA –200 people crowded city hall for a public hearing on the “fairness amendment” — civil rights protection based on sexual orientation and gender identification. The City Council heard seven hours of opinions. They are expected to vote on the amendment next week.

From the Lincoln Journal Star: “Public Safety Director and former police chief Tom Casady said this kind of ordinance will help moderate vicious behavior toward gay people. . . . He pointed to Lincoln’s 34 reported hate crimes in the last five years where the person was targeted because of his or her perceived sexual preference or gender identity. This is just the tip of the iceberg . . .”

UPDATE: May14, 2012: “The Lincoln City Council approved expanding the city’s civil rights protections to gays and transgender people on a 5-0 vote Monday evening. But two conservative advocacy groups will be organizing a petition drive to stop the proposal from going into effect until there is a city-wide vote on the issue. The Nebraska Family Council and Family First will be distributing petitions to collect the more than 2,500 signatures of registered city voters needed to get the issue on the ballot, said Al Riskowski, executive director of Nebraska Family Council. Under a provision of the city charter, the coalition has just 15 days to collect the signatures. — From the Lincoln Journal-Star

Overflow crowd watches Lincoln, NE public hearing (Photo: Lincoln Journal Star)

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  1. SB1172. Anything that opposes a crackpot like Bachmann is indeed a good thing. I would have rathered she denounced her US citizenship, doing this country a great justice. ‘Course the Swiss would have had to put up with her, but then they have a lot of vaults that they could lock her away in…

    The rest is all great news! Thank you for sharing!

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