Deaf video relay fraud felon Larry Berke dodging jail term

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A federal judge granted convicted felon Larry Berke a THIRD delay in beginning his 2-year prison term. Does Mr. Berke understand that federal prison is not a country club and one doesn’t schedule a visit at their convenience? Mr. Berke, you’ve harmed and weaken the federal video relay program for deaf people — something that affects ALL deaf people and their allies. You and your cohorts have also given the deaf business community a collective black eye — something that will take years to recover from.

I’m believing that this is all a game to you – manipulate the system and see what you can get for yourself. You did this with the FCC and diverted millions of federal dollars into your pocket. And now you’re doing it again with sob stories to avoid prison. Everybody has sob stories, but if you do the crime, you have to do the time — forfeiting any right to pity or sympathy. You’ve a debt to society to pay. And many of us are waiting for it to get paid.

Below I’ve included a condensed court document that Berke used to secure the third delay. My responses are in italics.

Mr. Berke, if you’re reading this, the deaf business community can’t start to heal until you begin your sentence. After your term is served, you can perhaps begin to redeem yourself. But right now, all you’re doing is is avoiding personal responsibility — something some in the deaf community are known to do and you’re a glowing example.

My previous post on the Larry Berke matter:

More on the Berke federal fraud case:


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  1. 5 years? I thought it was only 2.5 years? And several more years for probation? Probation is laughable for him, I m sure.

  2. I am curious. Even thought he will get out of jail much shorter than Yeh ones. Would be probation hell enough for him for the next 3 years? I hope so!

  3. I agree with Mr. Berke’s lawsuit stating that the prison needs to accommodate his needs as a deaf person. If hearing prisoners can call their families, it’s not right that deaf prisoners cannot. If hearing prisoners can take part in rehabilitative programs, it’s not right that deaf prisoners cannot.

    I used to have your attitude. “Tough luck, you did the crime, now do the time.” Then one day, while working as Silent News editor, I receive a letter from a deaf prisoner stating that he was going to kill himself due to the discrimination he endured as a deaf person in the prison system. We immediately called the prison, but it was too late. He had already killed himself in the weight room while bench pressing by dropping the weights on his neck.

    Since then, I have fully supported deaf prisoners’ rights to the same opportunities that hearing prisoners get.

  4. Thanks for your comments Mr. Willard.

    While I do agree that the federal prison system need to provide communication access for deaf prisoners, however Mr. Berke is no young punk who made bad decisions — he’s an older, intelligent, world-wise, huckster! He was smart enough to con the federal government out of money in a pretty creative scam — he knew exactly what was in store for him if he got caught. He’s one of the last people who needs our pity. (Never mind the fact Mr. Berke had a whole laundry list of other items he used to dance with the judge.)

    If a deaf kid ended up in jail over youthful recklessness, I’ll support your cause. Mr. Berke? Sorry, no dice.

  5. [Deleted due to ad hominem comments. Engaging in personal attacks invalidates your entire post(s). I welcome all comments but please comment only on the topic being discussed, — no personal attacks on the writers or posters in this blog. Thank you.]


  6. Larry Berke: No more dice to roll with your judge today. Time is up for any more excuses you would like to make. You are gifted with intelligence and you abused it all along. You bilked the federal government and deaf community for years. You made both the deaf and government suffer. Initially, the government placed its trust in you and others and yet you continued to enjoy the bilking. You have complained about being health and emotional-wise, you know the consequence after years as a con-artist, as simple as that. You now know and face the consequences as the choice you made. You reaped what you sowed.

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