Sex offender status complicates trans woman’s Dallas hospital bathroom usage citation

Paula Witherspoon

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — A trans woman was cited earlier this week for using the women’s restroom at Dallas’ Parkland hospital. Reports conflict of the actual timing, but at one point Paula Witherspoon showed authorities a note from her doctor that supposedly ‘proved she was female.’ Other reports however, states it was just a ‘letter of transgender rights’. Either way, she was cited by police and released.

A blogosphere uproar ensued after the discrimination incident became public knowledge, and rightly so. However, it has now just come to light that Witherspoon is also a convicted child molester on parole — she admits that much herself. Whether this measured into the citation decision is not clear as the hospital is saying the whole incident is now under review.

Should a child molestation conviction matter in this incident? Maybe.

There is more we need to know about the incident. We need to know if she broke any probation requirements or other conditions that were set in place on her to protect children.

We do know she was convicted twice in 1990, one for charges involving a 14-year-old girl and another for a 15-year-old girl and was sentenced for 20 years total for both charges. Witherspoon apparently served her time and was released on parole.

If she is found in compliance with the conditions of her parole and no further charges stem from this incident, then Witherspoon’s criminal history should not factor in the injustice she found at Parkland hospital for using the restroom.

Side note: The Dallas city anti-discrimination law supposedly doesn’t apply to the hospital because it is run by the county. The county’s anti-discrimination policy only applies to county employees.

Transgender woman on parole for child sex assault | Houston.

Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX. (Yup, JFK.)


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7 replies

  1. From the reports it seems that she was only observed either going in or out of the bathroom and noone was in there with her so I feel her histroy did not aply if indeed that is the case.

    • what a load of crap, I think that if she had to pee she had the right to go to the ladies room with out any question.
      I think if I am ever in dallas I will never go to that hospital no matter what. I could just see them calling the cops if I came in hurt and they had to do a head to toe assesment of me.

  2. Considering the situations (she entered the bathroom, used it and left with no one else even being in there), it should not be a factor. That said, she is not someone I would want representing trans-people in the media and her story will do far more damage than good. The best thing is to pay the fine and hope it passes.

  3. i don’t care either way about her status, she’s been convicted, “TWICE” & I don’t want this person becoming the poster child for transwoman’s use of the ladies room especially since she’s a convicted predator, sorry but I do question her motives for transitioning

  4. What were the charges?

    I don’t see “molested” in any reports so far. I know someone who did time. This person was cross-dressed (admittedly provocatively). Two teens called the cops cuz they were scared (precisely because of religious dogma of binary gender expectations). This person served 60 days in county jail for misdemeanor “public lewdness”. This person did not have to go on the sex offender registry because of misdemeanor status of charges.

    Is this a similar situation?
    Was anyone actually harmed?
    Were the charges trumped up trans-bashing?

    Without details, how can we condemn. She needs help for sure. If she actually DOES identify as TS/Woman/TG/GQ, then she needs resources to help her transition. She needs a reputable therapist so she can get appropriate documentation.

    If ‘he’ is a pedophile and only feigning TG/TS to further diabolic deeds, then ‘he’ needs help learning how to control ‘himself’. Or, he needs to be in a lock up facility so the public is safe.

    Again… I need details, facts… not innuendo and gossip.


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