Kos article: trans woman killed in Oakland, no one cares? Yup. Local media ignoring trans killings

Brandy Martell (Photo - DailyKos)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — From The Daily Kos: “A murder occurred in Oakland early Sunday morning. As of this posting, there is exactly one — count it — one, article about the incident in the media, at least as measured by Google News hits for Oakland murder.” The title of the article: Transgender Woman Murdered in Oakland. Nobody Cares.

Prompted by seeing a blog post about a rally being held for a trans woman (later identified as Brandy Martell) who was murdered in Oakland, I, too, hit Google to see what I could find out. My search came up with zero initially (I wrote my article earlier than the Kos report). I was about to give up until there was one hit from a newspaper across the bay down south – San Jose. Had it not been for that fortunate stroke of luck, I likely would have not been able report on the murder.

From The Daily Kos: “But as of five o’clock today (April 30, 2012) Oakland’s flagship newspaper, the Oakland Tribune, had absolutely nothing about a rather shocking crime that took place just a block from Frank Ogawa Plaza / Oscar Grant Park.”

Sadly though, this is not unique to Oakland. Time and time again I’ve been unable to confirm reports (usually from blogs with no sources) of trans people being murdered, days after the fact, in the cities’ own newspapers and other mainstream media sources. “I’ll update when I know more” is something I’m getting weary of writing when it comes to the murder of our trans sisters and brothers.

Read the Kos story here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/04/30/1087705/-Transgender-woman-murdered-in-Oakland-Nobody-Cares-

My article about Brandy Martell: https://lexiecannes.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/person-killed-in-oakland-confrontation-likely-a-transgender-woman/

Brandy Martell (Photo - DailyKos)


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6 replies

  1. The national contempt, hate, disrespect and yes assaultive and murderous conduct has me ready to scream and cry !!!! The lack of trash pickup would get better headlines that the murder of a transfemale, after all just look at how we are treated, I wonder what the local media would say if I posted a banner telling people that if they hate me, leave me alone, if you find me disgusting leave me alone, if you want to hurt me come close, so I can cut your head off and use it for a bowling ball ! would that get attention ??
    What a world we live in !!

  2. Honestly this was reported in several locations as the cities 43rd murder and 3rd that weekend. Just another night, no need to make a bigger deal out of it because someone elsees panties are in a bunch.

    I mean what’s the difference if it is a transgender or not?
    They shouldn’t have to mention that in the article. Fueling the fire.
    I have been following that murder count article and reading about all this years murders and can tell you this story is like any other.

    They don’t tell you if it was over shoes, drugs, love, hate, relationship, sexual orientation and they shouldn’t have to tell you when it’s a trangender or if they “think” that was the reason. Again fueling the fire.

    What would be the benefit there?

    And as someone who’s been following I can tell you the Oakland Tribune doesn’t report most of the cities murders.


  1. Courtney O’Donnell: Transgender Day Of Remebrance: A Reporter’s List « CrimeAlertBlog.Com

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