Lincoln, NE to consider trans protection bill, trans man beaten in Memphis — arrest made

Chase Mason Kelley, arrested for beating of trans man

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — On the heels of success in Omaha, Lincoln city councilman Carl Eskridge plans to introduce an anti-discrimination bill Monday that will offer trans and LGB protection in housing, employment and public accommodations in the city. Opposition to the measure isn’t expected to be as severe as Omaha’s, although the Nebraska Family Council is expected to put up a fight citing morality issues.

More: Lincoln proposal to widen anti-discrimination ordinance to gay, transgendered echoes Omaha law | The Republic.


Chase Mason Kelley was arrested in Memphis, TN after beating a trans man unconscious. The brother of Kelley tried to run down the victim with his vehicle but missed.  The victim was hospitalized with a concussion but is expected to recover.

Tennessee Equality Project’s Jonathan Cole: “If a hate bias based on gender identity can be proven, the attacker may be subject to stronger penalties under the Matthew Shepard, James Byrd hate crimes law that passed in 2009.”

Lincoln city councilman Carl Eskridge to introduce trans protection bill


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  1. The victim in memphis was NOT a trans man. She was a trans woman, inaccurately reported by local news as a “transgender male”. The incredibly lazy journalist from The Advocate (“We don’t really care about trans stuff! LOL ^.^) just didn’t bother reading the story properly, or noticing things like “male to female”.

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