Bill O’Reilly takes pot shot at transgender people over Glee storyline

Bill O'Reilly

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — No surprise here, really. Promoting fear for ratings is just part of the game for O’Reilly. In fact, he’s probably already moved on beyond this, planning his next topic to exploit for ratings.

If anyone of you reading this is still watching Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, right now would be a good time to quit, especially if you watch online. Ratings are easily measured online, so let’s not contribute to keeping him on the air.

From Media Matters: “Throughout the [O’Reilly Factor] segment, O’Reilly and [Gretchen] Carlson criticized Glee for encouraging “dopey kids” to experiment with homosexuality and possibly identify as transgender, comparing LGBT youth to smokers and “drug-fueled” celebrities.”

“Dopey kids”, huh? C’mon Bill, have a political debate with Al Franken or something . . . anything besides exploiting trans kids. Didn’t you learn anything last year when your fear mongering about Chas Bono backfired and a boatload of professionals put you in your place over the lack of evidence supporting your claims? No, I guess not.

Fox’s O’Reilly, Carlson Warn That Glee Makes Kids Experiment With Homosexuality, Identify As Transgender | Media Matters for America.

If you MUST watch O’Reilly, watch the classic “We’ll Do It Live” remix instead:

Nothing to see, move along.


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  1. I long ago quit listening to Bill O’Reilly: that coke and hooker fueled paragon of virtue and decency.

    The only good thing about him being on Fox is that he is in an echo chamber and his effect of our larger society is near nil.

  2. iam lucky to live in a state that doesnt discriminate your sexuality,,but i have no problem passing as a women.

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