Supt. of NJ school district cancels “Day of Silence” for dubious reasons

Superintendent Elizabeth Nastus cancels Day of Silence

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — National Day of Silence is a widespread and regular student-led observance involving 8,000 plus schools and colleges promoting awareness for safer schools for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. What educator wouldn’t want to be part of a nation-wide awareness of this type?

Apparently, there is one. Superintendent Elizabeth Nastus cancelled Delaware Valley High School’s (Frenchtown, NJ) planned Day of Silence saying she intends to have a different diversity day, involving more kids and more messages.

I’m calling bunk here. Day of Silence already involves everyone — students, educators, families and friends — participation by all is welcome and encouraged. There’s something else going on here and I’m not buying Nastus’ excuses.

Family members of a transgender child at the school believes that parents were complaining about the upcoming Day of Silence, believing it can lead to a “gay lifestyle”.  I most certainly hope the cancellation wasn’t to appease the ignorant.

Regardless of the real reason(s) for the cancellation, the excuses given aren’t good enough. The cancellation says more about Supt. Nastus than anything else.

School District Office
19 Senator Stout Road
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Main Office: 908-996-2131
Fax: 908-996-6653

Transgender student’s grandparent angry over ‘Day of Silence’ cancellation at Delaware Valley High School |

Day of Silence cancelled (


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  1. What needs to happen is that instead of people “asking” for rights, we just need to start taking them. I don’t let anyone “give” me my rights. I’ll do as I darn well please and the rest of the world better start getting used to that idea. MY rights are NOT someone else’s to give or take as they please.

  2. Since when is it up to ANY superintendent to decide to nix a STUDENT led protest for promoting equal rights for LGBT people? She can beak off all she wants, but ultimately it’s NOT her say. The students certainly DO have the option to flip her the bird & have their day of silence anyway in protest of her BS on top of the day of silence.

    It’s NOT like it’s organized by the school district.

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