Ontario Human Rights Tribunal says SRS not required to change birth certificate gender

Lawyer N Nicole Nussbaum (Photo -Kulanu Toronto)

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — In finding that the Vital Statistics Act’s requirement of SRS (sex reassignment surgery) before allowing birth certificate gender change as discriminatory, the Ontario (Canada) Human Rights Tribunal has made a ruling that is likely to change the Canadian transgender landscape.

The decision came down on April 11, 2012 after a trans woman complained she was discriminated for not being allowed to change her birth certificate prior to surgery.

N Nicole Nussbaum, the lawyer for the woman who filed the complaint, says Ontario must now come up with an alternative criteria for sex designation change within 180 days. She says the decision is precedent-setting and likely to force changes to laws elsewhere in Canada.

Trans Lobby Group’s Susan Gapka: “This is a clear signal to the federal government, and all legislatures across the country, that Ontario is leading the way in harmonizing and modernizing the way legal documents are distributed and accessed by trans people.

Susan Gupka of the Trans Lobby Group (Photo - blogto.com)

More details:  Ontario trans rights decision makes Canadian history.


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  1. Thank God, I was born in California. This is great news for Canadians!!


  1. Ontario, Canada, the latest to officially drop SRS for gender ID change « The Guerrilla Angel Report by Lexie Cannes

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