Mystery solved: It’s the Secular Cathedral, Temple of Power, Landmark of London!

Battersea Power Plant

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT – Maybe not a mystery to some of you, especially those of you with the Battersea Power Station in your back yard. But I have always wondered about the iconic-looking building on the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Animals” since, well, it came out in the ’70s. Surely some sort of power plant in Europe, if not the U.K., long gone, of course.

Imagine my surprise when I watched the BBC series “New Tricks” and saw this thing on the screen. Not only it still exists, it is located in the middle of London! Wow, it is worth a trip over to Europe to see!

After discovering the name of it, I paused the DVD and googled for background — the Battersea Power Station is in a sort of legal limbo land. Attempts to restore and find other uses for it have run into numerous financial problems. IMO, some kind of use for it must be found because tearing it down should not be an option!

“New Tricks” by the way, is a most excellent series. Not an intentionally a comedy, but I find myself laughing a lot following the adventures of Brian, Sandra, Gerry and Jack. Thumbs way up.

So, enjoy the photo — a treat for Pink Floyd, Battersea Power Plant and “New Tricks” fans!

Pink Floyd album cover, Jack, Sandra, Gerry and Brian from the series "New Tricks" standing in front of the Battersea Power Plant in London.


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